Picture of Altoids USB Thumb Drive
I was thinking of stuff to make and I noticed my thumbdrive sitting on my desk. I was thinking.. "I should make something to make that cooler!" I was looking for something to put it in when i noticed an altoids sour tin that I had sitting in my drawer that used to be an Altoids Clock.(Note the hole in the middle of the tin)
You can use any altoids tin, I just had this one laying around. When I get one, I think I am going to put it into an Altoids Gum tin, which is smaller. Anyways.. I was thinking "wait why would i put my thumbdrive into an altoids tin?" Then I said... "wait, why WOULDNT I put my thumbdrive into an altoids tin? So here it is. Please let me know if you like the instructable! :D Its my second one. Btw, Have fun with your pimped thumbdrive! IF YOU LIKE THIS INSTRUCTABLE PLEASE DIG IT!

FYI It might be cooler if you have an altoids gum tin instead of sours...

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
This quick project needs little materials and tools.

Altoids Tin of your choice x1
Thumbdrive x1
Duck Tape x1
Pen/Sharpie x1
Lanyard (optional) x1
Awl (or something to cut the hole with)

Time: 15 mins or so.

brettboy015 years ago
i got an amazing deal 16gb flash drive £5 from ebay. its a sandisk cruzer with u3
technogal6 years ago
raykholo6 years ago
!!! 8 gb flash drive from staples only $16 --- (black friday) !!!!!!
8 gb one for 10 bucks at future shop.
hey staples and prices like that there beat almost anything anywhere else plus u can go a lot cheaper if u buy from china..
wait so the hole at the top of yours is just random...like I dont need to put one or is it used for something?
Themanmatt13 (author)  Choose a Username8 years ago
Ya its just a random hole, you dont need it for anything.
Random? May I ask?.... I know this is a late comment.
hah i got a 2gig one for... i think it was $15 at walmart
in the newspaper a couple days ago, there was a 4gb Emprex flash drive for $19
Ouch! They have come so far down in price since then....
bobhill1256 years ago
2 gig one for 10 bucks at office max
8 gb one for 10 bucks at future shop.
sorry, but that thing looks worse than it did originally. at least use a dremel on the can so it's not all bent and ugly.
sweavo7 years ago
looks like fun! maybe you could integrate other features in the spare space inside the tin, like a recoil cord http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-memory-stick-recoil-keyring/ or a tape measure or an LED torch... it would be like a batman utility can!
03CR2507 years ago
Good design but kind of pointless unless your into novelty.
Doctor What7 years ago
by the way, use hotglue. it doesn't hurt the device, and it gives a good, solid hold, so it doesn't slide out.
Doctor What7 years ago
if you get one of the strips cases, and a firefly, you will have a much smaller one to work with.
I made this and at school I was going to plug it in and the teacher said it was stupid to have this in such a big case, saying "that it takes up too much space... I dont know why you would do it." so she made me rip it out and throw the tin away. Now its just a boring usb port.
tell her straight thats illegal anyway
what a bitch.
lol, put it in a altoids gum tin, or the small mint tins... thats smaller. also tell your teacher to jump off a cliff, she has no right to have you throw away your possession!! Lol... IF you tell her this I am not held responsible for any consquences :D//
I have essentially done the same thing with an 'Altoids Smalls' case which is actually smaller than the gum case.
Four pencil erasers keep the circuit board from moving around. The reason the circuit board is so wide is because its an mp3 player but the mp3 side is broken and the data storage side is still fully functional.
andresm8 years ago
mmm, its a good idea... but kinda messy, and un organized but, great instuctable!
beat me too this only mine was with the small altoids can
Themanmatt13 (author)  Jack Daniels8 years ago
:D Once i get the altoids gum tin (smallest one) i am gunna change it to that and sow how to make that one instead... For now this will do....