Picture of Altoids Wallet+Dispenser
Make an altoids wallet that dispenses your money, holds credit cards, receipts,and coins! ( My first insructable

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Step 1: Items

Picture of Items
1. Altoids Tin Can
2. Lots of money of the same kind
3. Some kind of knife and pliers to cut and bend the credit card slot
4. Magnet ( Make Sure It Is A Weak Magnet So You Wont Mess Up Your Credit Cards)
5. Fake Credit Card
6. Scissors
7. Tape (Any Kind Will Work)
8. And your hands....

All this cost me 2 dollars, witch is how much the altoids can was.


If you will put real credit cards in this wallet, i suggest you use something else to hold you receipts in place..
You could make a pocket on the lid to hold your receipts in place

Step 2: Coin Slot+ Credit Card Slot

Picture of Coin Slot+ Credit Card Slot
To make the coin slot, take a index card and cut it to the width of the altoids can. Then tape it to the sides to the can.

Credit Card Slot:

Punch a hole in the side of the can and cut the metal to the size of the credit card.
Then take a business card and tape it to the inside of the can to keep the credit cards from touching the money.

Step 3: Fold the money.

Picture of Fold the money.
We will fold the money so it dispenses out of the altoids can.

1. Fold the dollar in half.
2. Fold another dollar in half.
3. Take the dollar and the other one and overlap each fold.
4. Fold the dollar to the middle.
5. Take the dollar that sticks out and pull on it. The next dollar should com out.

Watch the video for instructions:
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Pictures could be better, but awesome job!
azngiant1212 (author)  GorillazMiko6 years ago
step 2 pic 2 is of your thumb
JChumo6 years ago
It's recommended not to put magnets near credit cards. The data card will be damaged.
Mathias JChumo6 years ago
Im sorry, but mythbusters has busted that, they tried magnets more powerful than many humans could get their hands on, it shouldnt affect the cards, but if you are supersticious, then w/e
chadcad Mathias5 years ago
No mythbusters disproved that cards rubbing together / electric eel skin wallets had no effect on cards.  If you believe magnets do no harm to a card go down to the atm with your debit card and a small refrigerator magnet.  Withdraw some cash.  Rub magnet over strip on back of card.  Try to take out more money.  When it fails to work, place the money you gout out in step 1 in an envelope and mail it to me. HAHA!
no they did disprove it i saw it the other day
I encourage you to try my test. Withdraw a large sum of money with your debit card, rub a small magnet over the MAGNETIC strip on the back, then try to withdraw money. When it rejects or eats your card please mail the money you withdrew in the first step to me. This assumes you are actually old enough, smart enough, productive enough to have a bank account; if any of the preceding aren't true I apologize for arguing with the ill informed.
im 11......
sangbin19995 years ago
 Bad idea to put a magnet with credit cards. Anyway good instructable. It's not one i'll be making any soon though. 
ludionis5 years ago
My concern would be that the recepit magnet could eventually cause the case to become slightly magnetized, no matter how weak, and affect or erase the information on the magnetic strips for my credit cards/drivers license if kept inside the wallet. Other than the money 'corn-ing' out of the wallet on step 3, an excellent instrucatble!!
cant w8 to try
killbox7 years ago
Im not very comfortable mixing a magnet with credit cards, I knwo they are more durable than when i was younger, but still magnetic data + magnet = bad ideal.
Granted, a neodymium/rare earth magnet can wipe a credit card or ID/Drivers license. What is in the picture is a common household ferrite magnet, even a card that has prolonged exposure to a ferrite magnet will suffer no ill effects.
magnets cant hurt credit cards. you need a magnet alot stronger than an electromagnet to do any damage.
azngiant1212 (author)  killbox7 years ago
well, i just "Updated" my wallet yesterday and i made a small pocket on the lid to hold reciepts instead of a magnet.. I t works great.. So if ur not comfterable, just make a pocket. VOTE!!
Allowance105 years ago
fro nugget6 years ago
Tell me how to fold the money because my computer won't let me get on myspace.
Magnet is a bad idea with the credit/debit data strip fold the cash like a stack of tissues fold em in half length wise and just place them together by flipping one around so they are like < BILL > BILL but the top of the lower bill is in the middle of the top bill.
Thanks - couldn't work that out. Unfortunately, I don't have enough £5 notes or above to do that... I wish we had at least £2 notes...
Drewmartin6 years ago
very cool man make more uses plz
clank11086 years ago
i like it im in going to try it right now thx
pieface1006 years ago
the tin wallet is awesome I already tried it
whatsreal6 years ago
Terrific! Very clever and useful :-) cant wait to try it!
But why would you want a fake card?
to hide the other cards under it
azngiant1212 (author) 7 years ago
Just to let all of u know , i took one of my gift cards from wal-mart that had .53 cents on it, i took one of my neodymium magnets and scraped it across the magnetic strip forward and backwards, and side to side, and i went to walmart and asked them to see how much money i had, and it was 53 cents.. So the magnet doesnt ruin creditcards
What about hard drive magnets?
azngiant1212 (author)  Esmagamus6 years ago
still hard drive magnets cant ruin credit cards, it takes a thausand gauss to ruin
Damn! I never thought credit cards were so tough! By the way, is there anything special about altoids or people just like the tins?
I agree with killbox about the magnet. Also, I know that it probably doesnt hurt it but I wouldnt cut a slit in my cards
thats why you use a fake caard
do you know if you can fold euro bills like that?
sweet 'ible i moded to fit some mastoids smalls into it
ryugatana7 years ago
btw awesome instructable
azngiant1212 (author)  ryugatana7 years ago
ryugatana7 years ago
As they proved on mythbusters you need a really powerful magnet to wipe a credit card if it's even possible. So it will be fine
gmjhowe7 years ago
Nice, i love the sliding out bit! ps magnets only ruin the strip on the back, most places use the chip nowadays.
azngiant1212 (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Thanks! VOTE!!!!
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