Picture of Altoids Wireless Pocket Mouse
This is an awesome project to do with one of the many Altoids tins you have laying around.
All you need is:
- Altoids tin
- Mini Wireless Mouse
- Blue Scotch tape
- Batteries (of course)
- Foam, or something similar

The mouse I used was one like this one:

Lets get started!
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Step 1: Pre-Build

The "pre-build" is fairly simple, all you need to do is take out the guts of your mouse, and make a hole for you scroll wheel and the mouse lens on the tin.

√ To make it look less like a mouse, don't open a hole for the scroll wheel. 

Step 2: The build!

The build is simple, just take a lot of tweaking to get it working just right. Transplant the mouse internals into the tin, if you use the same mouse I did, you shouldn't have any problems. Use some foam to keep the batteries in place.

The Buttons:
- Cut out tiny 5x5x5mm foam pieces to make the buttons.
- Use some tape to keep stick them to the tin, use tape, not hot glue. 
- To adjust them, just pinch them, or press them down.

Keep everything safe:
- Place a piece of tape to keep the batteries from
making contact with the tin when you close it up.

¡Look at picture notes!