Picture of Altoids and Trident together at last
Do you like to chew gum?
are you sick of the paper packaging getting ripped open in your pocket, so you have a pocket full of individual gum pieces?

If so read on.
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Step 1: Get the items you need

Picture of Get the items you need
Get these two items

1) an altoids smalls container.
2) a pack of your favorite gum.

Step 2: Trident removal

Picture of Trident removal
Open the package of Trident and remove 10 pieces.

Step 3: Empty Altoids

Picture of Empty Altoids
Empty the Altoids smalls container.

Step 4: Altoids and Trident together at last

Picture of Altoids and Trident together at last
Take the ten pieces of gum and put in altoid smalls container.

You now have a 10 pack of gum that will stay in one place and will stay dry.

geekazoid5 years ago
Uh, that doesn't even work as an instructable... all you are doing is changing the container, no skill to it. Although it's a good idea, there's nothing to it. To win any contest or get a good rating, you're going to have to try a bit harder, so change it, ad something and maybe I'll change my rating. For now, halfa star.
But I see the point. I had a pack of trident and it got through the washing machine... this would really keep 'em dry.
pdub77 Atomman5 years ago
Mini Altoids tins are not waterproof. They will help with an occasional splash, but not immersion. They will definitely not help in the washing machine.
Z1ggy (author)  pdub775 years ago
being the person i am... i had to test this. And pdub420 is correct. Neither Mini Altoids or regular sized altoids are waterproof. However while i have left individual pieces of gum in my pants pocket, so far i have noticed when the altoids smalls is in my pocket. So while it wouldnt help in the washing machine, hopefully the sturdier heavier case would not actually make it into the washing machine. :)
pdub77 Z1ggy5 years ago
Put ridiculously strong magnets on each side of the opening to your washing machine. Maybe that will help stop the tin from making it in. ; )
Z1ggy (author)  pdub775 years ago
Yeah but then the buttons on your jeans would get stuck. :)
geekazoid Z1ggy5 years ago
lol yeah, not exactly practical :P
Hey, just throwing out ideas. . . =)
patapon5 years ago
poor altoids :[