Altoids Can Flash Drive Safety Case.





Introduction: Altoids Can Flash Drive Safety Case.

I enjoy having my flash drive in my backpack at school just incase I need to pull work off a computer and bring it home to work on it. But I don't like knowing that random people at my school will all of a suddon treat your backpack like a football, and begin kicking and/or tossing it around class, or the gym.

So, for some extra flash drive security at my school, I made myself an Altoids flash drive safety case.

Step 1: Supplies and Proceedure.

For this very small and easy project you'll need:

1. One altoids can
2. Some sort of padding to go in altoids can
3. Exacto knife or something of the likes...

Cut your padding to fit snug into the altoids can. I used 1/2 inch thick closed cell foam padding. Don't know where I got the stuff, but I got it. It's really resiliant, and pretty tuff.

After you've got the padding fitting right in the can, use your exacto knife to cut a hollowish spot for your flash drive. This will keep it dancing around in the altoids can. It should fit snugly into the space that you make.

Step 2: You're Done.

I know this has been a relativley short instructable, but there's not much you can say about, "Cut foam to fit container, put flashdrive in container with foam".

I'm gonna take the paint off and make it not look like an altoids can so that one of my friends opens it looking for altoids and finds my flash drive. I might even put some kind of coolio latch on it.

Hope you enjoyed this 1 step instructable, Check out my others!



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    Cool! And your flash drive even says impact!

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