As a graphic artist, I like to store extra x-acto blades in a steel container for safety. Altoids containers are the best....but then what do you do with the Altoids?

Step 1: What You'll Need:

X-acto knife
dead shuffle
glue (not pictured)

Step 2: Opening the Shuffle Case

Very carefully dig away the glue around the inside lip of the end plug.

for more details go here:

Step 3: Glue Batter Indicator Switch

If you remove the insides of the ipod, the battery life indicator switch button will fall out unless you glue it in place. I had to glue mine in after removing the all the guts, but maybe doing it first would be easier.

Step 4: Pop the Socket Out of the USB Cap

Pry the USB socket out of the end cap with an x-acto knife.

Step 5: Modifying the Cap

The next two steps are to make the cap resealable like a wine cork.
First cut two pieces from the rim of a styrofoam coffee cup. You want them to be the same length as the inside of the cap, and about 1/4" taller than the depth of the inside of the cap.

Step 6: Modifying the Cap_02

Glue the two pieces into the cap. I arranged mine so that the concave sides faced outward, to add some springiness the the seal. Be sure to use a water based glue, so you don't desolve the styrofoam.

Step 7: Fill With Altoids

If the glue is dry on the battery indicator switch button, you can fill your new holder with couriously strong breath mints.

Step 8: Replce the Cap

If the glue is dry on the cqp, you can now replce it.


Step 9: Finished

Now you're ready to go the mall and share the gift of fresh breath with all you friends, and show off your new stylish Altoids case.

here is the opposite of what I just did:

see also:
Trick question: Why would you like to ruin an iPod shuffle so you can put mints in it? A broken iPod shuffle can be sold on ebay or enywhere else:|
What do you mean ruin? this is the most functional apple product I've seen in my life.
anybody knows similar sites as instructables.com
Instructables is the BEST!!!!<br/>but if you don't now Kipkay go see this website: <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://kipkay.com/">http://kipkay.com/</a><br/>
who doesnt know kipkay!?
this is very nice! id like to do that with my ipod mini but its too big :{
i LOLed so damned hard...hahaha!
Yes, LOL!
i think it could be dangerous..if you got mugged and the mugger stabbed you or broke ur arm..for a "shuffle" but really they just almost killed a guy for a few mints... just saying, dont brag lol
who would mug someone for a 1st generation shuffle?
lol right?
Well, I guess they're better than the new ones. haha
I think that would be a good slap-in-the-face for the mugger.
Ha!, IKR?! You've just committed a felony for the sake of an cool looking altoids container... I guess even with containers, looks can kill right?
next step idea buy the newest ipod shuffle 3rd gen and put that some where in there
love it pure awsume
oh man i like it! its the oposite of what everyone does.
Mwhaha Touche! take that Altoids Ipod Case (No im not french and if you are no offense meant but i dislike being called french due to my vocabulary)
It's like a reverse instructable :)
wicked awesome, i also saw the picture in the comments of a regular ipod, i like that you can see the altoids behind the scree
wow this is exactly the opposite of half of these instructables altoid tin everything and now what altoid containers?! make up ur mind boy!
a real challenge would be turn the ipod in to an altoids case, then rebuild the guts of the ipod in the now empty altoids tin.
I have never opened up an ipod shuffle previous gen, nor this gen, but woudnt it be nice to put some thing smaller (not altoids) like a powder, which would come put when the shuffle switch changed position?
all the druggies will be after that there apple crack holder hehe
maybe you could change one of the switches to a dispenser (like you can lift up half of the indicator switch to throw out one altoid)
plz tell me that was a broken ipod shuffle :(.
okay buddy get your winni v out of that ipod shuffle
r u a stencil artist?
i did that (my own way, sorry) and not only put altoids but anything, money, magnets (and made an ipod shuffle fridge magnet).
i did the same thing a while back but i did it with an ipod nano
first, they make electronics out of altoids containers. now, they make altoids containers out of electronics. talk about ironic.
Limor is gonna laugh at this. Art imitating art. Is that post-something?
Well, it ain't exactly post-ironic, but probably post-everything-else... coming soon: the Shuffle Pez dispenser. Probably.
Now that's a genius idea. I might just have to work on that.
Any one willing to do this to their iphone? :p
That is really awesome! I like it.
wow, very cool! never thought i would see something like this, but i just did! amazing!
Lol awesome, but im sorry ur shuffle died.
wow ironic...people are usually making things from altoids stuff. not visa versa
that is sooo awesome lol good job to who ever thought of that
btw u should figure out a way to have it still play music..melt the back a little and stretch it out...hey its a thought... also if u are a complete genius make something that feeds out the altoids like play makes one come out every 5 seconds fast foward and so on..
lol this is so awesome, gee this idea is so original too LOL i love it!
cool idea man i just made one - hollowed it out and made a matchbox out of it! so cool i then took superglue and superglued the striker to the side looks like a normal ipod sorta or it just looks wicked i got lil bit less than half of a box in very small box...enway still works and everythin looks wicked cool idea
I like this because there are 6 billion "put your iPod into an Altoid's case" instructables.
now someone should figure out how to let it still play music and despense stuff...
or u could just use the container that came with the altoids
<strong>Sweet</strong> <em>And to think it only costs 100 dollars</em><br/>

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