Picture of Altoids flashlight/wallet
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This is my first instructable so its not perfect. This is a very similiar but easy flash/wallet. Read all the way through first.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
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An Altoids tin with lid
a car gauge light (an led will work)
a switch
a drill (a dremel tool will work)
a resistor (opitonal)
thin cardboard like from a 12 pack of pop
duct tape (can be colored)
battery (make sure correct voltage)
leather of felt (optional)
hot glue gun
battery connector (optional)

Step 2: Decorate (optional)

Picture of Decorate (optional)
I painted mine and made it like the green bay packers You could duct tape it with colored duct tape or put contact paper on it I know that my paint job isnt very good but i use ceramic paint because that is all i had next time i an going to spray paint it

Step 3: Wallet/coin holder (optional)

Picture of Wallet/coin holder (optional)
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For the wallet frist trim the cardboalrd to the size of the lid you will have to trimm it where the hinge is for it to close then tape it to the lid if you dont under stand look at the pictures they should explain it the coin place is optional and depends on the space you have when you put the battery if you have enough space take the cardboard and cut it to the size and height of the tin and spot where you can put coins and ect. then seperate it from the battery and wires then duct tape down or glue it down if you duct tape it tape it like the wallet then you can put leather or felt down where the coins are so they dont clang i didnt because i didnt have felt or leather.
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CrayfishYAY made it!1 year ago

This is 1 of the most useful instructables I've had.

Schmidty162 years ago
dude u could make an half and half survival kit / flashlight tell me if u are going to try it
this looks pretty easy! i still need an altoid's tin. i've seen them at some place at the mall, but it cost's like 4 dollars TT___TT
Try discount stores (expired food stores) or the dollar store.
i got mine for like 2 bucks and threw away the candy
ya u see the button on the keyboard that says Caps Lock try and click it btw cool off spaz
lol, did you seriously not see that I was joking?
sorry some kids at my school are obsessed in altoids they freak out about them it was kinda a force of habbit
i ate most of them there were like only a few left
oh well thats not quite as bad.
im going to try to make it. but im thinking that ill make one without the wallet part. like a altoids tin flashlight, thats really bright. with a bigger light. but i like the wallet idea.
There is a wonderful invention called punctuation.
dreath775 years ago
stuff like this makes me wonder, what do ppl do in their lives? awesome
wow i've never seen a girl that can solder, likes football, and electronics. wait do you like fire? archery?
yeah i like electronics. i am gettin into archery now. i like to blow things up with fireworks so yeah i like FIRE.
got a bow? i have a 45 pound made of hardened ash recurve longbow and a 20 pound aluminum compound bow
i use my brother's but im not sure wat it is but i havent shot anything yet im still in the practice phase
cool i do competitions at my local archery range, ages 11-15 ive gotten 3rd prize out of 13 people.
p.s. im not into killing animals unless its like attacking me
Ill show ya my bow later if you ask, it was my summer project that took 3 days (most to get the wood to sag), i made the bow out of sinew and its pretty accurate.
sweet sound awesome my grandpa just gave me a longbow im not sure about the # but probably 20-30
lol nice
MacLean5 years ago
why no solder a bunch of scrap metal into a shrieken? That would be dangle show
daltonjcw6 years ago
Definitely my favorite altoids wallet. Good details.
thank you brittany hansen
scubalou6 years ago
Back in the old days (the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s), women were a very active part of the manufacture of electronic products using soldering irons. In high school, before transistors, I had to do a lot of soldering. When I left the military in 1971, I went back to college and found a job at an IBM plant making sub assemblies for their tape drives of the day. The work force had about 50% women and the detail soldering was almost all women. Don't be surprised that all people can do similar tasks easily.
wongsta7 years ago
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divxnz wongsta6 years ago
Hey nice... check mine out...

eclipse torch
x z i t wongsta7 years ago
dis is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
footballgirl004 (author)  wongsta7 years ago
thats pretty cool what kinda of a light did u use
I used a very bright led which i happened to have for no reason... it has no brand or anything. I know it isn't as bright as a luxeon but its the same type (I think).
footballgirl004 (author)  wongsta7 years ago
hey, i have the same soldering gun. lol
I have the same one too, but I use a different one. That one I got at Sears Hardware and it blows.
footballgirl004 (author)  Firebert0107 years ago
i have another one the hot cold but i couldnt find it so i just used that one
I've hears the ColdHeat ones preform pretty well. How does yours work?
mine is lame. it doesn't get hot enough with cheap batteries, and when you actually do get a battery that works, it runs it down too fast.
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