Altoids iPod Bedroom Speaker

I kind of made this just cuz' I was bored. You could also make it just to impress your freinds or if you need a cool speaker system for your own reasons. I used some ideas from other altoids speakers on instructables to make my own version. Pardon the pun, The Altoid 5!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This is what I used to make the Altoids Speaker was
-Altoids Canister (Dollar Store)
-Dollar Store Headphones
-Felt (Also Dollar Store)
-Electric Tape (You Know Where I Got It)
-Paper Clip (Mine Matched the Altoids Can)
-Wire Cutters
-Rubber Cement
-iPod (The only Thing That I Didnt Buy At Dollar Tree)

Step 2: Take apart the Headphones.

The earphones that I bought just came apart with little force but it may take a flathead screwdriver or sometimes a file to get the plastic casing off. Also, Be aware that there are two small wires that can easily break but if they do, you can solder them back on where they where. To keep them from breaking I put electrical tape all on the back of the speaker part of the earphones which seemed to work the best.

Step 4: Cut the hole

Take a pair of wire cutters and cut a square in the side of the tin, Then take some more electrical tape and tape up anything that could cut the headphone cord.

Step 5: Inserting the speakers

Take a strip of felt the same length as the can and about a half an inch long. Tape the speakers to it and rubber cement and tape the strip to the inside of the can.
Frowney0011 year ago
This won't be all too loud... You need to make an amplifier circuit to boost the audio output.
roboman 921 year ago
you could also put anouther set of earbuds in there and just wire the two together
jakiemoon2 years ago
r they loud
mischka3 years ago
Looks neat. Nice little project.
Great Idea and welcome to instructables!