If youve herd of bush craft and widerness survival this should help if you havent and thought the name was cool stick around and enjoy!  This is a altoids surival kit  made to help you in a survival situation (get lost in the woods or just a neat thing to have)

MATERIALS (in my kit)
6 rubber bands
a whistle
duct tape
snare wire
2 fishing hooks
fishing line
medical gause
sand paper

Step 1: Contents

the content of your survival kit dosent just haf to be like mine it can be what ever you think will help you in surviving in the wild so feel free to get creative makeing one

Step 2: Fitting Everything In

now if you dont have much space try to compact the contents like fishing hooks taped to the top and the gause rolled upand popsicle sticks on the bottom if that still wont work try geting things tht have multipule pourposes like a fish hook as a needle
it dont suck that is a good instructable and i did it!
hey use a Gerber muti tool or a lethermen because you can have a knife saw screwdriver and much more with it
Studies show that the average survival situation ends within 72 hours, either by rescue or by discovery of the body. In that amount of time (and even longer) you can survive on stored body fat. That being the case, don't waste resources on hunting, trapping or fishing. Put water purification tablets, matches or a lighter, and a compass in there.
i suggest adding a razor or a knife
Add a small knife under the rubberbands, then it will be perfect! A great knife would have to be top on my list for most important things for survival.
i like how u say to make your own, u have to make the kit based on a long list of factors, like what kind of weather and your environment that u might get stuck in.<br>
where did you manage to find a whistle that small?
That is one of the greatest altoids survival kit I have seen!!! nice job!!
A friend of mine puts takes apart a dental floss box&nbsp; and puts the spool of floss in his kit. Says it has a thousand uses.<br />
He's right about dental floss having many uses.&nbsp; It's very nice because it can take a lot of weight without breaking, however I&nbsp;recommend that you get waxed dental floss as it is less likely to slip around while you are tying it for something.
My first one if it suck tell me
The value of putting things in a tin is what you choose to put in there. I'd think some source of fire and a knife would be a good idea, what do you think?<br /> <br /> L<br />
trust me i would if there was a way also i may make An updated version with a fire steel in it

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