Altoids Tin IPod Case


Introduction: Altoids Tin IPod Case

Here are some pictures of attempt number one of an Altoids tin iPod case. I made it with a few layers of cardboard, the leg of an old pair of jeans, some wire, a magnet, and two Altoids tin lids. The idea is very simple; cut a cardboard base, add two cardboard layers (each with an iPod sized hole), and glue some denim in there. Then, glue the whole thing inside the lid of a tin. It took a fair bit of clamping and pressing and fitting until the glue started to dry, but it turned out just fine and I made it in less than an hour.

I might make a new improved version later, and I'll get step-by-step photos for a legit Instructable. Until then, enjoy. And if you have any tips for ways I could improve on the design, feel free to tell me.



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    1 year ago

    Thanks for the idea I'll try to attempt to make tomorrow
    ,Jan 27,2017

    this is a really cool idea in school just walk around and when the teacher asks what you are doing, just say its an altoids tin

    Wouldn't the magnet actually ruin the screen of the iPod? Besides that, it's great! I'm making one right now!

    Maybe you could hide the magnets under the denim/cardboard, which'd mean you'd have to raise the cover bit but wouldn't it look much nicer?

    1 reply