Picture of Altoids tin mouse (with fan)

I was looking around at all the instructables for computer mice. i found a lot of altoids tin mice so i decided to make my own version of one. i believe this my own invention (to put a fan in an altoids tin mouse) because i havn't seen any other altoids mice with fans in them, but i know its the first one on this website :) ( i take no responsibility if you get hurt or mess up your computer mice or anything else)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


usb computer mouse

altoids tin

small cpu fan

small switch


duct tape

safety glasses (not shown)


dremel (not shown)


hot glue gun

soldering iron

tin snips (not shown)

Step 2: Open the mouse

Picture of Open the mouse

Unscrew the screws in the case and remove the circuit board.

Step 3: Solder

Picture of Solder
Find the section where the usb cord connects to the circuit board, then use a multimeter to find the + and - points where there is 5v. now solder the negative wire from the fan to the negative point on the circuit board and solder another wire to the positive point. solder the other end of the positive wire to the switch and then solder the positive wire from the fan to the other point on the switch.

Step 4: The case

Picture of The case
use a marker or something to mark where to cut. i used tin snips to cut the tabs for the top and for the wheel to fit. i also used them to make a slit in the front for the wire to come out. then i used a dremel to drill holes in the top for the fan to blow threw and on the side for the switch to fit. I also used the dremel to make a hole in the bottom for the led. finally i glued 2 pieces of plastic (you can use cardboard) so the circuit board will be slightly elevated from the base so the plastic part where the led is can fit inside the case. (make sure you use safety glasses when using the dremel)
asddqfqdq29 months ago


Holden_vy_s5 years ago
Whats the point of wrecking an ergonomic mouse to sick it into an uncomfortable tin?
ha aha
musick_08 (author)  Holden_vy_s5 years ago
well actually my first idea was going to put the fan in the actual mouse case but it wouldn't fit. since i didn't have a smaller fan, i decided to just go ahead and make an altoids tin mouse so it will fit.
lemonie5 years ago
What's the purpose of the fan - sweaty hand?

musick_08 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
yeah, i know a lot of friends who play games a lot online, so they ask me to build these mice for them
Like the things you get at bowling-alleys? It's a new idea to me, so credit to you for realising it into a functional mouse.

musick_08 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
yeah, thanks
Jodex5 years ago
Well.. Your invention..? Not the first mouse with fan and this is just your invention to put it to an Altoids tin.. Well, anyway nice project!
musick_08 (author)  Jodex5 years ago
yeah thats what i meant, i'll change that.

but thanks
JakeTobak5 years ago
Doesn't look very comfortable, but still really cool. I like the idea.
musick_08 (author)  JakeTobak5 years ago
thanks, actually its a lot more comfortable than it looks