Step 7: Final Touches

I had to bend the led legs in opposite directions, you may also have to bend some components.my case also didn't fit on right so i took the lid out of the hinges and just set it on top. then i hot glued in place. finally i put some duct tape on the bottom of the tin to help it glide better because i didn't take time to file the edges where the led goes. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. please rate and comment. thanks for viewing :)
Whats the point of wrecking an ergonomic mouse to sick it into an uncomfortable tin?<br />
ha aha
well actually&nbsp;my first idea&nbsp;was going to put the fan in the actual mouse case but it wouldn't fit. since i didn't have a smaller fan, i decided to just go ahead and make an altoids tin mouse so it will fit.
What's the purpose of the fan - sweaty hand?<br /> <br /> L<br />
yeah, i know a lot of friends who play games a lot online, so they ask me to build these mice for them
Like the things you get at bowling-alleys? It's a new idea to me, so credit to you for realising it into a functional mouse.<br /> <br /> L<br />
yeah, thanks
Well.. Your invention..? Not the first mouse with fan and this is just your invention to put it to an Altoids tin.. Well, anyway nice project!<br />
yeah thats what i meant, i'll change that.<br /> <br /> but thanks
Doesn't look very comfortable, but still really cool. I like the idea.<br />
thanks, actually its a lot more comfortable than it looks

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