Time to make a portable emergency/ backpacking candle out of a used Altoids tin.

Step 1: Melt Wax

Get a couple of the little $0.99 candles from the local candle store.  I suggest citronella for camping.  Take the wicks out and cut the rest of the candle into wax chips.  Melt the wax chips using hot water... careful not to melt your containers!
<p>so where do you get the wicks ??</p>
<p>from the two candles you've chopped and melted. They have wicks and the little disk at the bottom.</p>
Me to encysquare I made these as a kid. I was kinda a pyromaniac back then, and took axe and sprayed it onto a desk and light it
Nice ! <br>First time I tried it, I forgot to close the holes in the back: very messy results... <br>Hint: add a mirror to the inside of the cover to (sort of) double the light you have from it

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