OK this a little altolds first aid kit thing that you put on you're bike! so if you have little people with you and if they fall off there bike you have some thing to fix that scraped knee!! If you like what I build please Subscribe to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm enter this in  to the Dadcando Family Fun Contest! so please vote! for it!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: First Aid

Get  you're first aid stuff and put it in a altolds can.

Step 2: Find!

OK find a spot on you're bike were you want to put the first aid kit I put my under the the seat.

Step 3: Tape!

Ok tape it down to you're spot but do not tape the lid shut!

Step 4: Test

OK now go test it out go ride you're bike in bumbe spots.

Step 5: Done!!

OK now you're done!!!!!!!!!
 paint the can with  Krylon spay paint.
I am shadowing a medic and am in training a lot of our calls can be over biking accidents, this is a really smart idea
Does it stay on (and stay closed) if you hit bumps?
I think so!
Can i use this as a little Tool box when i'm in the road?
Yes you can your space we be limted!
Okay thanks for letting me know.
Your welcome!
De nada!!!!!
nice!, but im sure you can put more than band aids in thayer
Yep you can and I did!
Nice, I could use this a lot. LOL
Same - ace instructable
What ace instructable??????
no i mean this is an ace instructable :)
O Thanks!!
your welcome!
Thanks!! lol!
np :)

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