Introduction: Altunes, the Altoids Tin IPod Case

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This Instructible is on how to make an Altoids case that will protect your iPod or mp3 player and make it look Minty Fresh!!!

all you need is a file, Altoids tin, sponge, glue, and a multi-tool!

Step 1: Bore the Hole Out and File

Picture of Bore the Hole Out and File

Put your music device on the top of your tin and bore out a hole for the headphone jack using your player for reference.  Then file it down smooth.

Step 2: Now Glue Down the Sponge

Picture of Now Glue Down the Sponge

This will protect your mp3/iPod from scratches and protect it even more if it were to be dropped.

Step 3: Put Your Player In

Picture of Put Your Player In

Your done!!!  Now turn on your tunes and ROCK OUT!!!!!!!   Please vote up this Instructible, every vote matters.  Thank you!


FrozenIce (author)2011-11-29

r those skullcandy inkd?? my bro bought 1, then it got ruined, then he bought another pair, and once more, they got ruined... haha great able!

cfilloux (author)FrozenIce2011-11-29

Yes! good eye! i love the buds!

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