Step 12: Festive decorations

Picture of Festive decorations
Thanks to mooseinakilt for the great idea of making snowflakes.

You could also make stars, bells or christmas trees. Cookie cutter shapes could be a good inspiration.

The snowflake is a bit fiddly to cut. I cut six really fat 'fingers' and then cut little side bits out of them. I'd say that most people could do a better job than I've done as I've never drawn a snowflake before (snowflake making is not a tradition in my country - Christmas time is hot here).

For texture I drew around the edges with a non working pen on the back instead of making indentations with a screwdriver.

There will be lots of small offcuts, so be sure to collect them all for disposal. I've left the corners on my snowflakes. You can round them off if concerned about them.

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