Step 6: Lifting pedel

I thought about adding a hinge to the back but I thought it might not be wise as this may encourage me to reach over the hot furnace so I decided on a method where I could swing the lid off to the side.

I also didn't want to have to lift the lid by hand as this would be clumsy so I thought I would make a foot pedal to lift the lid and then I could use the handle to pull it aside keeping my hands and arms well away from the fire avoiding accidents.

So the first thing I needed to is create a frame for the pedal and lifting plate, I managed to salvage some metal that used to be racking that my next door neighbour had thrown out which is ideal for what I need.

I cut 2 lengths the width of the gas bottle plus the width x 2 of the metal I am using, and another 2 which are slightly longer to allow for movement.

I bolted these together to form a square frame, the rear of the frame i mounted upside down so there is a lip to hold the pole I am going to use to lift the lid.

I then drilled holes in the base of the gas bottle and bolted the frame to it so I had more of the frame towards the front.