Step 8: Chamfer

  • Set the parting off tool to 450
  • Create a chamfer on both ends
Nice project and well presented instructable.
Where was this after school Engineering program when I was 13 yrs old? This Stuff is awesome!
Looks good! I like it!<br>You might try a Design Brief with your students...<br>Objective : design/modify this keyring so that the cable can be removed and reseated so the keys can go right on the cable. (I know that changes the quick build for fundraising... just an exciting thought, to see hat they might come up with!)
Hay thats a cool idea.....thanks....i will defo use that suggestion in the future.... Jonny :)
What a great project for students! I can see how they're confidence level would improve after making something like this. You got my vote! ;)
Hi, thanks :) ...... Oh and thanks for not mentioning the unmentionable! That debate is still going!
lol.. I noticed (I get the emails, because I started the thread...) I won't make that mistake twice. ;) lol

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