I've decided to make several aluminum balls using lost-foam casting. Instead of the foam balls I took 3 ping pong balls. I wasn't sure if it would work right but finally it did.

Step 1: Putting Ping Pong Balls Inside a Saucepan

My flask was to small for this pattern, so I've decided to use a saucepan.

Step 2: Casting

When aluminum was melted I started to pour it but very slowly. These balls are very flammable.

Step 3: Nice Texture

In result, I see that these balls burning very different to the foam. The surface is not smooth but looks very good. They have a lot of micro-carving.

<p>Looks great!</p>
Thank you! :)
<p>I love that texture! Using ping pong balls is a brilliant idea! </p>
<p>Thank you. I'm not sure about practical use but anyway it looks very cool :) </p>

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