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I use Ethyl rubbing alcohol as fuel. An old plastic film canister is a good dosing tool. It is the right amount for about a 10 minute burn (enough to boil a few cups of water.)

Safety note: Never use petroleum based fuels in this type stove. There explosive nature make them unsuitable for this type stove.

Pour the alcohol in the burn bowl and light.
After about 30 seconds the stove is hot enough to vaporize the alcohol and ignite the jets.
At this point the pot can be placed on top of the stove.
The jets will heat both the pot and the stove.
This continuous heating of the outside of the burn bowl is what keeps this stove lit when a cold pot is placed on it.

Make an option cap from another can bottom and then you can store a canister of fuel in the stove for transport.
Gelfling62 years ago
I have 2 bottles already, but it seems bottles are becoming more and more scarce... I think they may've found the aluminum bottle was a little TOO popular for other uses, like this.. :-/
kbails844 years ago
can you just make and send me one!? I dont want to go through the trouble of this. How much would you charge!? lol
okto kbails843 years ago
Why don't you just buy a camp stove?
cullenc19934 years ago
Yeah I would love to buy one of these from somebody. As long as you can get it to work as well as is advertised and preferably looks the same also. Send me a message and let me know you price and we'll work something out.
Just made mine today and tried it out. Works like a charm. I also used the Venom "cottles". I think I'm going to go ahead and make some for friends. Thanks so much for posting this design. I think its way better than the others that I have looked at, and I have looked at hundreds. Thanks again.
nickhallen4 years ago
A "Nibbler" tool was very easy to use to make the openings in the bottom of the bottles and then I used a file to smooth and fine tune hole shapes. Mine works! Black pot using 91% rubbing alcohol so might experiment with different fuels. I tried coors light bottles but much thinner then Venom bottles. So made final stove with venom bottles. The "Venom Stove".
Great Instructable. good descriptions, very precise. If I could drink/consume wheat ( I'm under age and have a gluten allergy lol) I would definitely build one.
you can... i've seen similar bottles like this one from mountain dew and other companies
ratazc6 years ago
Nice project. I'm going to try it this weekend...but will I do with the contents of those blue bottles? hehe.
rogue13_136 years ago
I am very impressed with this instructable. I think that such a stove would be a great addition to my camping pack. I have one question though, how does the alcohol get from the burn bowl to the chamber where it vaporizes? I was under the impression that the burn bowl would have a tight fit against the base of the stove, and thus not allow alcohol through.
ccdiver6 years ago
This is a great project and well presented. These are something everybody should have a few of for emergencies, as well as a great backpacking stove that you don't need custom fuel dispensors or expensive fuel for. Thanks for sharing this.
red9er6 years ago
How does the "optional" cap on the last line not allow fuel to leak out but still stay on? Also very well written. I could easily see how someone could make this confusing.
Very nice. This is by far the best alcohol stove I have seen. I will be making one this weekend. Thank you for the awsome design.