Step 7: Telescope Jet Deck to Base

Picture of Telescope Jet Deck to Base
1. Insert the Jet Deck into the Base.

2. Press evenly to fully set the Jet Deck to to bottom of the base. You may need to place a board over the assembly and use a hammer to finish stretching the base to fully seat the Jet Deck.

Be careful to force the two pieces together evenly. They need to be aligned or the side wall of the Base could split or the side wall of the Jet Deck could crease.
If you have a drill press you can use it like an arbor press. Heating the bottom piece will also help when you press fit the top. Or you can freeze the top piece and try to tap it in with a rubber hammer. Also, there is a special lining in all aluminum bottles, I used a muffle furnace set at 600 degrees to burn this lining out.