Step 9: Colonnade

Picture of Colonnade
This part will be the COLONNADE. Openings are cut in the sides to allow for the jet flames to burn while the remaining series of columns support the Burn Bowl.

At this point use emery cloth and steel wool to remove the paint (if you like the bare metal look). It is easier now before all the openings are cut.

1. Widen the opening of the remaining 1.5" tall bottom.

Only widen the first 1/2" of the opening so that it just fits tightly over the Jet Deck.

2. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom and widen it as described in step 5 however this hole is wider. Make it about 1.75" in diameter ( widen the hole to remove the "dish" in the bottom - just to the ridge at the edge.)

3. Cutout (8) openings in the side walls to form the Colonnade. These openings are approximately 0.5" wide by 0.75" tall. (Make sure they line up with the jet hole in the Jet Deck)

I could not find an easy way to make these openings. I started with a few drill holes and widened with a file from there.

4. Assemble the Colonnade over the Burn Bowl and press the bottom opening of the Colonnade over the top of the jet deck.

Note: the Colonnade should press tightly down on the top of the Burn Bowl. it bottoms out on the top of the base prematurely, material may need to be removed from the bottom of the Colonnade to allow it to seat down far enough on the Jet Deck. The goal is to clamp the burn bowl into the opening in the Jet Deck.

Grey_Wolfe2 years ago
I'm curious as to how sturdy the colonnade is before you bend it for fit but after the holes have been cut.

The reason I ask is that I have limited supplies and would like to try to combine the colonnade and base into a single component and roll the top edge to restrain the burn bowl.

This would reduce it to two bottles and, if the colonnade holds up to be rolled, perhaps make the structure sturdier overall. Not that it isn't sturdy as heck already.

Nice work. :)
max69power3 years ago
i user a 3/4 inch paddle bit to make the holes you just need to go very slowly. thanks for the great instrubles. your project looks great how long did it take you total time.
btimmerman4 years ago
could you please tell me the weight of this stove... im going ultra light and i love this plan but im looking to get a msr pocket rocket witch comes in at 3oz. if this is lighter or the same could you please let me know
g.petinati5 years ago
I built it and it worked beautifuly. Great instructions. Great.
Rich19535 years ago
This one tho a little taller looks looks as it has a lot of advantages over the others. My first thoughts also were to use the dremel cutting blade, with a jig it could also be used to do the initial cuts.nothing real fancy but something on the ordr of this http://tinyurl.com/y96mhrw, which I have.
I definatly want to make them for me and my 4 brothers and sisters and...
michaelp5 years ago
I will try this over the weekend but I am thinking the cutting blade in a dremel tool would be useful here.