Picture of Aluminum Can Flower Jewelry
Make bright, eye-catching jewelry using recycled aluminum cans!

Step 1: Collect Tools and Materials

Start collecting Drink Cans! I like the tea and energy drink cans because they are colorful and non-returnable.
Find Flower-shaped Paper Punches in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Eyelets/Grommets come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.
Make sure that Hole Punch sizes correspond with eyelet/grommet sizes.
Choose an Eyelet/Grommet Setter such as a grommet setter kit or a hand-held setter.
Jewelry Pliers are for shaping the flowers.
You may also want a pair of Scissors, a Permanent Marker, a small Hammer, various Jewelry Findings and Beads.

Everything (except the cans) can be found at your local craft store.

grampam3 months ago

Thank you for the tutorial. I love making all kinds of jewelry, but I enjoy making jewelry from things we would normally toss. Please share more of your ideas.

flammaefata2 years ago
I've read of ways to tint the aluminium itself, I think by boiling it in the presence of some added salts or something. I think it'll be great to use that method to add more subtle colours to the jewellery too. Or you could just paint them as well.

Thanks for the great Instructable, I wouldn't have thought paper punches could work for this!
otbgal2 years ago
Unreally cute!!!!!
Love it done it a million times
armstk1802 years ago
Nice Idea ,
But i am much wondering why you Americans wouldn't like to wearing gold jewelry ? or at least silver jewelry ? !!!
lackley68 (author)  armstk1802 years ago
I do own gold and silver jewelry, but I also enjoy wearing my own hand-made jewelry. When I get a compliment, I can say,"Thanks, I made it!"
you know , here we have a tradition that when a Man get married with a female , the man must buy a complete gold service (including Bracelets , Ring , earring , necklace) for his wife , Expensive tradition for Men :)

SO i try to make your cheap and beautiful jewelry for my wife ;-)
Thank you so much !
tmarieb2 years ago
Aren't the cut edges sharp?
lackley68 (author)  tmarieb2 years ago
Surprisingly, the edges are not sharp.
Nice Instructable - very pretty jewelry :-)
Annalyst2 years ago
This is a really great idea. Thanks for sharing this.
repguy20202 years ago
Nice instructable. The earrings are lovely and a nice way to reuse something that can't be recycled in some areas. The instructions are easy to follow and allow for a lot of creativity. Really nice work.
The earrings are beautiful and the main image is absolutely wonderful. :D