Aluminum Can Granny Square Tote Bag


Introduction: Aluminum Can Granny Square Tote Bag

About: I like to DIY and I hate to waste anything.

A tote bag made of Lion Brand yarn, aluminum cans, an old t-shirt and bamboo.



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    Where is instructables for aluminum can granny square tote bag? I would like try make one for myself.

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    Here are some I also made earlier / / Hope the link works, I keep trying all kinds of ways to stop the tins being sharp! Love and Peace Cath

    I like the idea, but how sharp are the holes in the cans? Do the edges "saw" through the yarn as the bag is used?

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    Hi. Thanks. No, the yarn seems fine. I crocheted it pretty tight in the holes, so there's not a lot of movement there. But time will tell, I guess. The worst that can happen so far is the aluminum can get bent if I am not careful with the tote (it can be straightened again, but sometimes this leaves a little crease).

    Agreed Kiteman.
    And nice job Kiteman, your new Instructable is already high in the ratings.
    You're going to beat me. :-(

    Very mean of you.


    There are days to go yet...

    Good Job, so very original.

    This is a cute idea.