Aluminum Die


Introduction: Aluminum Die

A few years ago, I took a scrap piece of aluminum and machined this die.  It is traditional for the opposing faces pips(spots) to add up to seven.  To gett the opposing faces to add to seven, you must have the numbers 1, 2 and 3 share a common vertex.  There are two different ways to arrange the 1, 2, and 3.  Either clockwise which is referred to as left-handed, or counter-clockwise which is referred to as right-handed.  I went with the clockwise layout and I am very happy with the final result.



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    my favorite element is aluminum

    My favorite element is Aluminum

    I dislike being unoriginal but this is beautiful.

    any chance of posting detailed instructions

    this is cool as!
    how big is it?
    probly dumb but, what do you suggest for polishing? felt tip and what?

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    Thank you! It's 1/2". I used a buffing wheel, with a solid polishing compound, for the faces and edges. On the pips, I used the same compound with a dremel polisher.

    I stopped after one, for some reason. I was going to make six to use for playing farkle. Thanks for the interest!

    Yes, a drill bit. Thank you!

    Thank you! Just a drill bit for the pips and a polishing bit on a dremel.