Picture of Aluminum Foil Hat
We've all felt the effects of the government's mind control signals, unexplainable urges to do totally illogical things like buy lots of crap you don't need or join the army. Here is a simple way to block the signals and look good doing it.

Step 1: Get your hands on some aluminum foil

Picture of Get your hands on some aluminum foil
The beauty of the foil hat is that it requires no tools, just aluminum foil.
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mfarooqi3 months ago

Exactly worked as expected... I was expecting if my MOM yells... I've ruined her Aluminum foil...

marcolinux1 year ago




Since years ago.

REMEMBER: Shiny side out ALWAYS. it deflects the mind control rays.

temp6 years ago
What about the music world? They control you using sound waves! Lucky for me i don't listen to popular music. I am UNAFFECTED!
ilpug temp5 years ago
Patients name- Quality music
Status- Deceased
Cause- Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical
You can't be serious. Just because you need to dig for it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Kinda like gold in my belly button... One day I'll be the one laughing!
How do you mean? Of course there's quality music! That the mainstream industry got more interested in (half-)nude background dancers and autotune doesn't mean there isn't anything good anymore.
I know there's some good music, but that's it.
You clearly haven't digged deep enough yet. Check out wikipedia or last.fm and just click on genres you haven't heard yet, and evaluate at least 5 artists of any genre. Some music might have to grow on you, as well. But by all means, there is much more than "some" good music on this planet.
Very well then, may the force be with you.
Punkguyta8 years ago
Oh wow. But I'll give you credit, for one of the most useless instructable, it is very well put together. Good job
ilpug Punkguyta5 years ago
its a shame that most people cant put his much effort and clear instructions into a serious building ible... this has excellent directions, however simple they are.
(*goes searching for government thought-control experiment "opt-out" list*) They spies on me with their rays, buggrit. Millenium hand and shrimp.
lol I've been looking for a quote from him on this site for ages.....
*grabs book off shelf, looks for suitable reply* damn, you got me
:P {scratches head grins (big and toothy) and hands Vendigroth the perfect book, and sits back with a banana..}
this book is prefect! thanks!
Its time to feed your duck

What duck?

may you live in interesting times
 once you realize "someone" must be in charge.  And YOU would never want that job, well, Let the sun shine in :),,,,,,,  OH DARN ! too late for me. hmmmmm.
if not foil then what?
Maxaxle5 years ago
They all laughed at me, they all said I was crazy...Well, who's crazy NOW!???!?!?!?!?!?
Malaachi7 years ago
Yeah and I bet that the heat that the foil is refracting back into your head is frying your brain.
any hat does the same thing basically. most of the heat is lost through your head, and a hat just keeps it all in... it just doesn't block that damn Bush from our thoughts.
That's not really true. You lose a lot more heat through your fingers than you lose through your head. That is also why your head won't get especially hot if you are wearing a hat. It isn't radiating a lot of heat to be trapped.
 you lose more heat from your fingers because they aren't usually covered. i would say that all body parts lose heat fairly evenly...
Not frying, poaching. lol.
robcrusade7 years ago
The funniest part of the tin hat movement is that it has recently been found to ENCHANCE certain radio frequencies. In particular, those in use by the US Government. Perhaps they should use iron instead of tin.... cuz, yanno, irony..... Yeah.
He said to use aluminum not tin.
"Tin Foil" is a colloquial expression for aluminum foil. And, as I said, according to a number of recent studies.... it actually *amplifies* government radio frequencies.

From Wikipedia:


More specifically, the study done recently at MIT is the source of my comment:


Hope that clears it up.
nahnahnahnah. What they need to do is make it out of copper mesh!
no lets use lead foil :D
Or we could just develop detachable brains so we only use them when we really need em. (I think I know people who've already done this!!)
daninja6 years ago
My brother said that the government usues mind control to start them shootings, and then they say that "It was the guns! Guns are bad! I must take away youf second amendment rights!". And that they also used them in vietnam to strike fear in there minds!
bobguerra6 years ago
Foil tin hat in genuis incourage your local wavers in town too wear one
Scrupulous8 years ago

I...I...I...must...give...this...a...p-p-pl...a...p-plu-u...PLUS! (ding)
i just like the picture!! that must've been what happened in the last two elections!! i know they were all a$$ clowns, but why did this one win?? hehe!
how do we know that he wasn't being controlled to make this instructable and say it will block the signals, but realy it only enchance(like robcrusade said) so we all make it, vote for McCain, buy mini microchips so the goverment doesn't have to use signals to controll us and control by remote instead, and how do we know im not saying this because im being controlled by the goverment?
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