Aluminum House Sign. Lost Foam Casting





Introduction: Aluminum House Sign. Lost Foam Casting

My street was renamed, so I've decided to cast an aluminum house sign. The easiest casting technology for me is lost foam casting and that's what I like the most.

Step 1: Making Foam Sign and the Mold

I've made a foam plastic house sign and decided to use my huge flask for this casting.

Step 2: Melting Aluminum

Melting aluminum and pouring it into the mold.

Step 3: Opening the Mold

The house sign looks nice but I have to make some grinding and sanding work.

Step 4: The Result

I put this house sign on the garage wall and really like how it looks.



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    The new technology of producing unsinkable material from the aluminum alloy was patented at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The effect of porosity is produced by addition of foaming gas into liquid metal during re-melting of the aluminum material. Here there is an article about unsinkable materails-

    Oh... That's interesting :)

    Thank you DuraIM if you are interested please share that information to others also

    Thank you DuraIM if you are interested please share that information to others also

    how did you make your foam original blank?

    Thanks for your comment. I still don't have a hot wire cutter, so I cut everything with a knife. First of all, I printed the name of the street on the laser printer. The next step was to put the paper on the foam and started to cut the letters. The sign blank was marked and cut as well.

    Every time you cast you make an advancement, nice result. ☺

    Thank you very much Hank. :) The next time I'll make such things with 2 risers. I'd like, finally, to avoid additional work after casting. :)