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I recently made a forge/ foundry, and have melted down some aluminum pop cans. I made a ingot, but it wasn't that big. I have a friend that made a mold for making a ring, but he decided to keep it at his place so i didn't use a mold. I just cut it the ingot until I got what was close to about a rectangle. I made it a rectangle because my finders are more rectangle than circle(and some other reasons). 

Tools used where:
Dremel-with about 5 different bits
Drill- with drill bits
Bench grinder
Emery Cloth

I have put about 2 or so hours into it. Maybe closer to 3.

Any questions just ask!



th30be (author)2012-05-27

What kind of blade of a hack saw? What do you mean sweeps and passes?

zipzapper859 (author)th30be2012-05-30

I was using a metal hacksaw blade and i just kept shaving off pieces with the milling bit until it looked good

th30be (author)2012-05-20

How small was your ingot? and What was the shape of your ingot? I want to make rings for graduations gifts to my friends. so I really want to make rings.

zipzapper859 (author)th30be2012-05-22

well i melted the aluminum and poured it into a muffin pan so i would say about 3 inches around, and 2 or so inches deep, but i cut a lot off of it, so basically any shape would work

th30be (author)zipzapper8592012-05-27

Alright. That is a pretty big ingot dude. So what did you use to cut? I found that concrete drill bits work really well in making a hole for the finger but I don't know about cutting.

zipzapper859 (author)th30be2012-05-28

i used a hack saw for the initial cutting that a dremel mounted in a dremel drill press with a milling bit and just kept making sweeps and passes around it

cooldude01 (author)2012-03-18

looks like the one i made. looks good though. i give u props

curvy77 (author)2011-12-19

not bad. however if u really need a mold you could use clay or even a block of wood. (i used an old wooden post to carve out my mold. be prepared fpr fire to come out, but dont freak, its supposed to do that.)

zipzapper859 (author)curvy772011-12-20

thanks! i will try that would thing, i have a friend who made a mold for me out of cement, but he hasn't given it to me yet so i just decided to start making it without the mold, i think once i get the mold, i will make some more than i will post them.

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