Most longboards are made of wood. I wanted something unique so I made mine of aluminum. The aluminum deck is flexible but strong. The entire longboard weighs only 4 kg and is therefore very light!

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The idea for the aluminum longboard came from this website: http://bionicgirlnyc.com/2011/03/20/cindrich-aluminum-longboards/


-120 cm of stainless steel bars 
-12 aluminum strips of 1 meter (10 strips of 2cm wide and 2 strips of 1,5 cm wide)
-80 nuts
-2 pieces of wood

Step 1: Sawing Wood to Attach the Trucks

Copy the holes of the trucks and shape the rest of the wooden pieces as you like. They form the tail and the nose of the deck.
I used multiplex.

Step 2: Attaching the Trucks

Attach the trucks to the wooden pieces, by using nuts and bolts.

Step 3: Attaching the Aluminum Strips the The Tail and Nose

Attach one aluminum strip to the tail and nose with screws.

Step 4: Bending the Strip Along the Shape of the Tail and Nose

Bend the aluminum strip and attach it with screws to the tail and nose.
Repeat this step on the the other side.

Step 5: Mounting the Middle Strips

Cut out two slots on each wooden piece, for the two middle aluminum strips and mount them with glue.

Step 6: Drilling the Holes

Drill out three rows of holes.

Step 7: Placing the Bars and Nuts

Step 8: Placing a Horizontal Strip

Place a horizontal strip in the middle and secure it with glue.

Step 9: Drilling the Holesr

Drill four rows of holes.

Step 10: Placing the Bars

Place the four bars and secure them with the nuts.

Step 11: Placing the Rest of the Strips

Mount at each side one big and one smaller strip.

Step 12: Placing the Second Horizontal Strip

Place a horizontal strip at the bottom of the deck.

Step 13: Mounting the Edge Strips

Bend two strips around the contour of the longboard at each side and attach them again with screws.

Step 14: Finishing the Tail and the Nose

Attach a piece of rubber on the tail and nose with glue, so it looks smooth.
<p>Have you thought of welding it together? also is there a specific reason you put the trucks on wood?</p>
sorry but i could not make that
<p>Nice design. You might consider using locktight on all the nuts to keep them from loosening. How rigid is the board?</p>
<p>I liked the design</p><p>Alex (www.musicacloud.com)</p>
<p>this is soooo cool! I still want to eat it though</p>
<p>When you say 120 cm of stainless steel bars.. can you please explain further.. as in 1/8 1/5.. (etc) please get back to me at the email address or contact the number below.</p><p>jaredstepp27@gmail.com</p><p>1(319)-777-3129</p>
<p>this is so cool! what did you use to connect the aluminum bars all the way across and how many do i need? how much weight can it hold?</p>
<p>I wonder if i can make this out of my old meccano! haha on a serious note though this is awesome! as soon as i have a weekend off i am making this!</p>
<p>did u ever get an instructable on the second board u mention, the one that cost closer to $50?</p>
<p>This looks awesome! I want to build this this summer!</p>
Can u make a video of riding it
Ok, I only weigh 90 pounds do you think my shoes would sink in and get enough grip? <br/>
you can buy a peice of plexiglass or something similar and secure it to the top of the board
That should be enough. If you don't get enough grip, get some very rough sand paper and sand the top of the strips.
if i make it i will clad it in wood and i will put an epic livery on it
How much did it cost you to make this
Where do you find the aluminum?
DIY store
having problems finding a store that sells aluminum. If you don't mind, where'd you get yours? And whats the estimated cost?
They sell that stuff near the threaded rod at Home Depot
Ok, thanks
90 pounds = 40 kg by the way
Could you make a drop deck?
I guess you can, if you use aluminum strips that have the curves of a drop deck..
Be sure not to leave it outside or the aluminum will corrode rapidly any place where steel rod or nuts are touching them. Thats what happens when two different types of metal make contact and aren't insulated.
Looks really cool!!! You don't need any grip either. Pretty awesome.
I'm not into skateboarding but it looks to me like there's a weak point in the design (or should I say 4 weak points) and that's where the first screw holes where the 2 primary aluminum rails are attached to the wood. there's an awful lot of stress where the aluminum and the wood come together and at those 4 screw locations the holes in the aluminum drastically reduces it's tensile strength. you've built up this elabote grid work of aluminum which distributes the stress but all that stress goes right to those first screw holes. <br>my first thought is to add some aluminum channels to reinforce those rails. <br> <br>i really do think this is a cool idea by the way. I wouldn't waste my time commenting if i didn't like it <br>:) <br>
You're totally right about that! I didn't really thought about that before I built this longboard but after it was finished, I did. But not all the weight goes to those screws, the two bars in the middle also take a lot of the weight away.
Love the design
I love this board, nice job!
If u take a aluminum bar and run it from the out side bar towards the center base holding the wheels the would some what frame the board giving it a nice look
I was already planning to do this, it also makes the board stronger. But still thanks for the idea!
Awsome project but please specify lengths next time
i have a better design for one that you may be able to adapt to be cheaper or whatnot, i'm too busy to make it for myself message me on reddit if you are interested (curly686)
well i just checked aaaaaaaaand it was deleted, sorry. anybody who was interested, if i get enough requests i will gladly re draw it. it was a 42&quot;x9&quot; drop deck with a 3/8 concave, and if im not mistaken my price estimate was 120$ (www.mcmastercarr.com) and im fairly certain it would be in the 9-11 lbs range. this: http://i.imgur.com/PkdMi.jpg was a different one i made that is significantly cheaper(50$) it is VERY stiff, it moved 1/16&quot; down with 260lbs on it, i would be more than happy to re draw and or make an instructabe about it if anybody is interested
I would LOVE to see an instrucables from you. Im planing on building my longboard here soon, and am trying to thing of some other ideas for the board...
i am making an instructabe for that board i mentioned that i have made, i am fairly busy but i think i can get it done in the next five days:) and it is about 65$ in materials
how dangerous is that,like if i hit a bump and i fly up a bit then slam my knee on it,we cut? <br>
looks cool - do you have a video of this being ridden? I'd like to see this in use before I vote.
If I find some time the next few weeks, I'll film it.
Looks good - I could <em>almost</em> believe there's some acrylic (&quot;Plexiglass&quot;, if you like) somewhere in there - but that's probably just my eyesight, since any way to make it grippy would lose its clarity.. ;)<br> <br> I have a few questions, though...<br> <br> What 'glue' did you use? - I assume an epoxy, but is there something specific for aluminium?<br> <br> Why did you use 2cm-wide strips? Did you do some calculations, or was that just what was available? How do you think different widths (and thicknesses) might alter the board's characteristics?<br> <br> Your materials list says 80 nuts... I counted 90, but could be mistaken. Also, if you alter the materials list so that the &quot;stainless steel bars&quot; become &quot;'threaded stainless steel rod' (or similar), then add something like 'to fit the rod' to the &quot;80 {if I'm wrong, above} nuts&quot;, it will be easier for anyone skimming the 'ible to get a handle on what you mean.<br> <br> Still, a nice idea, that really does look good.
No acrylic was used :) <br> <br>U can use epoxy glue or just montage adhesive, most glues will do the job! <br> <br>I used strips that were available, so i didn't calculated anything. <br>I used 2 cm strips in the middle and 1,5 cm on the sides, so it looks a bit thinner and smoother. <br> <br>I didn't really counted the nuts, i just estimated them, so you could be right. <br>You're right about the threaded stainless steel rod, sorry for the messy description :) <br>Thanks!
Are the aluminum parts available at most home improvement stores?
Every home improvement store in my area has them, so I guess you can get them almost anywhere.
cool i ride a longboard myself but isnt this really uncomfortable ? it doesnt look like it absorbs shocks like bamboo does for example
It's more flexible than you would think, it absorbs shocks as good as a wooden deck would do.
Could you two "L" brackets for mounting the trucks instead of wood?
I think that could work too, but then I would prefer T profiles, they're a bit stronger I think.

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