Picture of Always Keep A Pen With Your Sketchbook
If you're like me, then you like to keep a pen with your sketchbook or journal so that you can jot down your ideas as soon as you can. Unfortunately, my habit of leaving a pen in a closed sketchbook has decimated more than a few book spines and sketchbook covers over the years, so I've devised a method of modifying my sketchbooks to accommodate a pen at all times without without damaging the book's binding.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

Picture of Stuff You Will Need
- a sketchbook 
- a pen
- a utility knife

Step 2: Cut A Hole

Picture of Cut A Hole
Measure around the pen you plan to keep in your sketchbook and draw a rectangle around it that it can fit into. Then cut along the lines through the pages of the book until you create a space that is deep enough for the pen to fit into.

Step 3: Always Keep a Pen in Your Sketchbook!

Picture of Always Keep a Pen in Your Sketchbook!
Put your pen into your sketchbook or journal and close it up until you have another great idea!
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SparkySolar12 hours ago

I love this instructable thank you so much

Sure you have a place to but your writing device but now you have a big hole in your drawings. Here's a challenge: find a way to keep a pen with the sketchbook without cutting up the pages.
snag hazzard (author)  Lotsa Bad Luck1 year ago
: )