Step 9: Hang Your Shelf! + Finish!

Picture of Hang Your Shelf! + Finish!
Hooray! You're finished! Now all you have to do is hang the shelf, and use it for whatever you need!

To hang my shelf, I used a highly sophisticated  method of epicness, by which I mean, "I have no former experience in hanging a shelf of any kind, and thus used a system of nailing around one dozen finishing nails (without large nail heads) to securely hold that puppy to the wall." So essentially what I did was to place a nail in every strategic place I could come up with, mostly including the corners of the shelf. This method turned out to be quite useful. In fact, the shelf felt as sturdy as any ordinary shelf would if it was held to the wall with only a few nails.

I hope this Instructable provided you with enough info to successfully make your own. This was my first Instructable, so it may have lacked the epic intelligence which can surely be found in any of the senior Instructable masters' how-tos... If you end up making a cardboard shelf, be sure to post a picture below in the comments.

If anyone sees any errors in this Instructable, be sure to point them out in the comments, be they grammatical or other, I want this Instructable to be the best it can, and your feed back helps. Also, if you don't understand a step or instruction, just ask in the comments, I may be able to help. Good luck!
Blue Mark4 years ago
For a stronger shelf, just stack together layers of cut-out corrugated cardboard together. They can be glued together with contact cement or spray adhesive into a super lamination. Leave the surface uncovered to celebrate the cardboardness of the material. Laminated corrugated cardboard is incredibly strong - you can make furniture with it. http://www.igreenspot.com/gruff-an-eco-friendly-furniture/
devalpha_14 years ago
Simply great! It brought my idle brain out of slumber. Thanks.
WriterInLA4 years ago
I'm thinking the shelf can be covered in papier-mâché. The images of the paper would create the look of the finish. Then varnish. No one would even know it was cardboard!

This cardboard shelf may be the solution I was looking for to cover the ugly, mostly unused heat controllers in the middle of my walls. I can pull the shelf off on those rare days I need to turn the heat on.

Thank you.
MakeItSo4 years ago
A couple of suggestions for the next version:

1) Make the top of the shelf a little wider than the finished shelf and fold it over to cover the front edge.

2) To hang the shelf, create blocks that fit in the empty space in the back of the shelf. Hang these on the wall and place the shelf on top of these. A cleverly placed lip on the underside of the shelf and a lip on the block will keep the shelf from sliding off. Magic floating shelf!!!
danbaatar4 years ago
Can you be a bit more specific about your nail technique?

Did you actually nail part of the shelf to the wall, or is the shelf resting on the nails?

Marinus844 years ago
I don't know anyone that owns a diskette anymore.. That just got me thinking..
I think i'll make my shelf out of wood, but i'll follow your design as a base/motivation.

Nice one :)
zpwn064 years ago
would recommend using angle brackets to hang your shelf. These can be purchased from a hardware store, or, of course made from cardboard
Korvus4 years ago
"Highy Sophistocated System Of Epicness" HSSE. I'm totally stealing this. My hats off to you and great work on the shelf. Best chuckle I've had all day.
sclocher4 years ago
Very nice build, my friend. I love Building things with cardboard (Mainly helmets and weapons for my nephew), but i have not done anything this nice or impressive ;), great job!