Introduction: Build a Fort Out of a Couch

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make an awesome pillow fort.
Some things you will need are: a two cushion couch with lots of pillows and a blanket.

Step 1: Stack the Cochins

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First, stack two cushions like seen in the picture.

Step 2: Finish It Up

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Now, stack the pillows like seen in the blurry picture and then, put the blanket across from the top of the cushions of the fort to the arm rest. And there you go! An awesome pillow fort for the win!  Please vote!  Please comment if you have suggestions.


PRO DR MR BOB (author)2015-03-16

good ible well done

nancyjohns (author)PRO DR MR BOB2015-04-02


PRO DR MR BOB (author)2015-03-16

fire hazard

PRO DR MR BOB (author)2015-03-16

not up to code

PRO DR MR BOB (author)2015-03-16

skechery then a note pad

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