Introduction: Amazing DIY Air Gun. Powerful.

Compressed Air Cannon. With a 10 mm barrel from a copper pipe. It uses a piping nipple chamber in order to acumulate air before shooting. Self explanatory video


shaggydoo121 (author)2013-07-16

Where's the video ? I would love to build this but there are no instructions or parts list.

DanTDM (author)shaggydoo1212014-02-01


DanTDM (author)shaggydoo1212014-02-01

GO UP!!!

bubal (author)shaggydoo1212013-07-16

Cant you see the video?

The video shows all the parts. If you have any doubt dont hesitate to ask me!

kurtnotkirk (author)2013-12-04

"You'll shoot your eye out... You'll shoot your eye out!" That looks pretty cool, but really dangerous...

johnny108 (author)2013-08-27

Nice one!! The brass bar projectile convinced me- I'm in the middle of the build now!
Thanks for posting this! (I think I am going to make a shorter barreled model, though, and use a few extra fittings to place the tank under the know- something that can be hidden in a rolled up newspaper...).
Have you ever thought about shooting it into a stack of old newspapers that are soaked with water? It makes a pretty good improvised ballistic gelatin. You can peel the layers away to see how the projectile behaved once it hit.
Have you ever made a dart for it?

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