Step 5: Fold & Stow... Unfold & Enjoy!

Picture of Fold & Stow... Unfold & Enjoy!
To fold for storage, simply lift the tabletop, swing the dowel into  its 2x2 "frame," and lay flat. Mine fits under my couch.

Other ideas:
Add a cushion for a comfy footstool: mine is a tiny bit wobbly due to the inherent "play" one finds in most hinges; adding another pair of hinges or ones built to more exacting standards would result in more stability. But the strength is more than sufficient, since a heavier weight pushes the dowel more securely into the boards.

Use nice wood (as evidenced by the photos, the wood I used was crappy).

Paint/inlay a chess board.

Sink coasters into the surface for an even more beverage-friendly table.

Integrate snaps or magnets or straps to hold it all closed, and a handle for portability. 

Integrate snaps or magnets or straps to hold it all open, for added stability.

Sit on it (more robust construction recommended).

Build something else entirely: The "legs" of this stool could be adapted to a variety of applications. The "X" created by a middle piece that swings out allows for a compact support system. 

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your 'ibles!

This was a clever constructible. Will definitely try it and report back.Thank you for it, Rizwan