Introduction: Amazing Easy Coloured Fires

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This is very easy you need 5 gum and a lighter or a match

Step 1: What Do You Do

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take the foil that covers the gum

Step 2:

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take a match or lighter and burn it your done

Step 3:

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Becareful dont burn your hands


TheRagingEggo (author)2014-10-30

Light the foil, watch it burn, inhale fumes, wake up 9 months later on my hospital bed. I lean over to my doctor, "It was worth it."

Luziviech (author)2013-03-08

"Inhale inhale. You're the victim"

EpicCraftMan (author)2012-06-02

Duh Duh cool

Lectric Wizard (author)2012-01-05

Are you burning the foil or the gum?

gizmo790 (author)Lectric Wizard2012-01-07

The Foil

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