Amazing Fire Domino - 3000 Matches Chain Reaction!!!!!!





Introduction: Amazing Fire Domino - 3000 Matches Chain Reaction!!!!!!

Step 1: To Do a Amazing Fire Domino You Need!!!

Today I show you how to make Amazing Fire Domino - 3000 Matches Chain Reaction!!!
I used a wood board, double-sided tape and 3000 matches.

Step 2: This Is My First Experiment to Do Amazing Fire Domino From Matches, It's Very Cool!!!!!

Step 3: It Took Over 3 Hours to Build and 40 Seconds to Destroy!

Step 4: Please Enjoy Artistic Fire Chain Reaction a 3000 Matches.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    A-mazing and mesmerizing. Excellent videography, great choice of soundtrack. Enjoyed it. Well done!

    At first I thought, "This would be way too much work for what it does." Then I saw the video and my whole life was changed...Thank you for sharing. I appreciate all the time you put into this.

    Of course you know you're playing with fire here............ (TeeeeHeeHeee), yea, pretty cool.

    I think I might have spray shelaqued (sp?) the thing after it cooled down to preserve the "art" it created. Very 'cool'.

    Hey folks! It's called 'ART' , video art , quite beautiful; and art exists for it's own self so we are thankful when we can experience it's beauty.

    Thanks, Morena!!

    Here, here, tkjtkj! I would definitely do this! It was quite a lovely display to watch.