Step 1: To Do a Amazing Fire Domino You Need!!!

Today I show you how to make Amazing Fire Domino - 3000 Matches Chain Reaction!!!
I used a wood board, double-sided tape and 3000 matches.

Step 2: This Is My First Experiment to Do Amazing Fire Domino From Matches, It's Very Cool!!!!!

Step 3: It Took Over 3 Hours to Build and 40 Seconds to Destroy!

Step 4: Please Enjoy Artistic Fire Chain Reaction a 3000 Matches.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>Cool!!! :)</p>
A-mazing and mesmerizing. Excellent videography, great choice of soundtrack. Enjoyed it. Well done!
<p>At first I thought, &quot;This would be way too much work for what it does.&quot; Then I saw the video and my whole life was changed...Thank you for sharing. I appreciate all the time you put into this.</p>
<p>Of course you know you're playing with fire here............ (TeeeeHeeHeee), yea, pretty cool.</p>
<p>I think I might have spray shelaqued (sp?) the thing after it cooled down to preserve the &quot;art&quot; it created. Very 'cool'.</p>
<p>Hey folks! It's called 'ART' , video art , quite beautiful; and art exists for it's own self so we are thankful when we can experience it's beauty.</p><p> Thanks, Morena!!</p>
<p>Here, here, tkjtkj! I would definitely do this! It was quite a lovely display to watch.</p>
<p>KJV John 8:7 misquote &quot;Let who that is without the urge to play with fire among you to try and cast the first match&quot;</p><p>Let's up the ante a bit. Spend tons of time building a picture using different color match sticks AND then set fire.</p>
<p>Wow! That was almost an art installation! Thank you for that it was mesmerising.</p>
<p>it shows wood having strength on fire</p>
<p>it took 3 hrs to set up and using a clay base is faster..</p>
<p>Nice. The ones in the outside perimeter burned first since they had access to more oxygen. </p><p>Close up, it looks like the heads of people getting scorchified. :)</p>
<p>that was really cool </p>
<p>This seems more of a de-structable than an in-structable :-D</p><p>Great Idea! Nice video!</p><p>Wonder how a spiral would look......</p>
<p>Ah, fire. So mesmerizing.</p><p>Brought to mind what I did and probably many others in my youth. Take the tin foil from a pack of cigarettes or other source. Wrap it around the match and leave an exhaust tube at the end. Now light the match. ROCKET POWER&gt;&gt;&gt;</p><p>I wonder what would happen if you did the same with this idea. Solid booster rocket. Maybe achieve orbit rather than a few feet. Or maybe out it inside a long tube with the match heads at the bottom and then light them through a small hole at the bottom of the tube. Like you can see in movies of ancient cannons in the warships. </p><p>Put a chicken inside and video launching the chicken. Or a pumpkin like the shows where they Chunk the Pumpkin.</p><p>OK, its early AM and I am energetic and wired on coffee...</p>
<p>Wot No Video?</p>
<p>Sometimes it's fun to make something just for the heck of it, to see what happens. I really enjoyed this instructable.</p><p>The video of the burn was mesmerizing, and the way the matches looked at the end all curled in different directions was really interesting!</p><p>Thanks for taking the time to do this and for sharing the results :)</p>
<p>fun way to start a camp fire! </p>
<p>I remember making smaller versions of this, it was great fun. I'll have to try a big one now!</p>
<p>Try a modeling clay base so you can just stick handfulls of matches in it upright. It would be more of a domino effect if spaced out in patterns and such. Have a fire extinguisher handy.</p>
<p>great, if you had a high speed camera, it would be even more interesting to see how the flames jump from one match to the other.</p><p>i am a scientist, see no scientific outputs, so to an artist; what was your artistic idea to make such a project?</p>
<p>Its really good :)</p>
<p>thats awesome, thanks for sharing:)</p><p>would love to do it, just don't know where i'm going to get 3 hours to build it from:D</p>

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