Picture of Amazing Indian Chicken Curry
This is a delectable recipe I appropriated from recipezaar. It is aromatic with a warm the soul kind of spice. Make it in large batches to enjoy over the next few days, the more it sits in all of the spice, the better it gets!

Step 1: Ingredients and Prep

Picture of Ingredients and Prep
- Anywhere from 1 to 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs washed and cut into pieces ( size of your choice)
-3 cloves Garlic Minced
-2 1/2 inches minced Fresh Ginger
-2 Medium White Onions finely chopped
-1 can of chick peas
-About 2 Cups Chicken Stock ( Store purchased or Homemade)
-1 Green Pepper Finely sliced sideways
-1 Red Pepper Finely sliced sideways
-3-6 ( depending on your taste) Tblspns Indian Curry
-1 Cinnamon Stick
-1 Heaping Tblspn Garam Masala
-1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

mmcgartland4 years ago
thanks for refreshing my memory, it was wonderful
vandal11386 years ago
May sound strange but its really good on mashed potatoes, and if you trade the cayenne for sriracha chili sauce I promise you won't be let down!
zenzen (author)  vandal11386 years ago
Thank you for the compliment! It's so great to know the recipe is similar to the one you received. Sriracha is a staple condiment in my life, that's an awesome suggestion I will definitely use that next time, thanks!
kumiko6 years ago
Hey! I made this one for dinner last night~ I've had this bag of curry powder that I've never used yet... Ah, I'm totally addicted now to this taste now. It was easy to make and delicious. Thanks!
zenzen (author)  kumiko6 years ago
Thank You Kumiko! That makes me so happy you liked it, the taste does get addictive too ;)
vandal11386 years ago
It makes me happy to see a REAL curry recipe. While I was in Iraq there was an Indian crew that worked in the hospital with us. I'd trade them bags of popcorn and goldfish crackers for spicy curry. This recipe is very similar to the one I recieved from a member of the crew. Great Job!!
nickyjez7 years ago
Looks scrumptious... except for that Red Sox glass!
I concur with nickyjez..I'm amazed that the Brooklyn Lager hasn't jumped out of that horrible glass. The recipe looks great though...you should try making "dirty rice" sometime...I use ground turkey in mine.
zenzen (author)  steelcut_oats7 years ago
What can I say, I was born in Boston. I may or may not have done that on purpose though:) Thanks for the rec, I'll have to try the dirty rice!
rupamagic7 years ago
Mmmmm scrumptious curry! I'll be making some this weekend for sure. The cucumber salad on the side really makes the meal! My mouth is watering in anticipation.
Brennn107 years ago
Curry is the best...in fact I am having some tonight!!! I really love Baigan Bhartha, chicken tikka-masala, and Alu chole. I have a fine Indian restaurant near, me and I love it. Oh yea, and garlic naan to top it off! Nice Instructable!
zenzen (author)  Brennn107 years ago
Thanks! I am also a huge fan of Vindaloo; though I have made it before it hasn't been as good as that from a restaurant, I'll have to research more vindaloo recipes. I agree with you though, especially on the garlic naan, the more garlic the better!
ewilhelm7 years ago
Did you rotate the images in Preview on MacOS and then upload them? We seem to have an issue dealing with the rotation information Preview generates.
zenzen (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
Thank you! Though I didnt, this is how they loaded so wasn't too sure if I could make adjustments. Any suggestions?
ewilhelm zenzen7 years ago
They're fine now, so no problem!
Wow, looks delicious!