Hi guys, I have prepared a video unboxing particularly wanted to show you a simple way how to taste a typical and famous Italian product LA BURRATA.


<p>Where can we purchase or make burrata in the Pacific Norhwest? Thanks.</p>
http://www.angeloandfranco.com you can see this site but I don't know the product quality. I think if you want taste the best burrata you have to came in Italy
Sorry I don't know. Burrata is a fresh cheese and have a problem for the travel and storage.
<p>what is it? cheese?</p>
<p>Dear lorddrake LA BURRATA is a typical fresh cheese of southern Italy specifically from PUGLIA.</p><p>This is just one of thousands of cheeses found from northern to southern Italy.</p>
thanks .. it looks interesting. I will have to see if I can find some around me.

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