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This is a random motorised knex chainsaw i made in about 20-30 mins when i was bored, please rate and comment on it :)

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aleceatsfood (author)2010-11-04

I have a motor but its weak. make ible and I try to make!!!

bounty1012 (author)2009-07-29

umm where do you get the big gray motor?

Hiyadudez (author)bounty10122009-08-20

Off ebay.

i got this motor but it has broken and i forget how i get that motor and
i'm not buy'n from ebay i'm from holland can you get this motor in another set??

j-chode! (author)Hiyadudez2009-09-18

everybody loves it, yet no-one has it :)

bounty1012 (author)j-chode!2009-09-18


finmonster (author)2009-11-10


Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-07-18

Well It doesn't really look like a chainsaw ,but you did good.

lol if you dont think this doesnt look like a chainsaw you shouldve seen my chainsaw instructable XDXDXDXD

Thanks :)

iamacat7 (author)2009-07-21

Cool. I like the teeth.

Hiyadudez (author)iamacat72009-07-21

Thx :)

coreyt (author)2009-07-18

OH MY GOD you have too many broken pieces dj radio would have a fit

Hiyadudez (author)coreyt2009-07-19

Do you mean by changing yellow connectors for grey 2-slot ones??

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