This this about some of the useful life hacks that will make your life easier! Enjoy

Step 1: How to Open Chips Usefully

Step 2: Make a Small Hole in the Middle of the Chip

Make sure that you make the hole on the front side of the chip.

Step 3: Rip the Wrapper by Rolling It in a Circle

You can decide the size of the hole by yourself.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Chip!

Step 5: Open the Bag

Step 6: Roll the Wrapper Up

Roll it up so that up can easily reach the crackers

Step 7: Enjoy Your Snack!

Step 8: How to Make Waterproof Shoes

Step 9: Prepare a Candle

Rub the candle to your shoes

Step 10: Prepare a Hair Drier

With the hair drier, dry the candle using hot heat.

Step 11: Wear Your Shoes in the Rain

Remember that it is not permanent. Renew the waterproofing ability once in a while

(Fig. 1)

Step 12: How to Make Your Drinks Cold Fast

Step 13: Prepare a Tissue and Your Drink

Step 14: Make Your Tissue Wet With Water and Wrap It Around Your Drink

Step 15: Put Your Drink in the Fridge

Your drink will be ready in less than 15 minutes!

Step 16: 5 Computer Hacks You Must Know

(Fig. 2)

(Fig. 3)

Step 17: Did You Accidentally Delete Your Tab?

Step 18: Did You Make Any Changes You Regret?

Step 19: Did You Change Your Mind About Undoing Your Change?

Step 20: Do You Want to Print Something You See Now?

Step 21: Are You Tired of Erasing Letter by Letter?

Step 22: How to Keep Your Earphone Untangled

Step 23: Prepare a Double Clip and Your Earphone

Step 24: Simply Clip the String Part of Your Earphone and Rotate It

Step 25: Bring It With You Untangled!

Step 26: How to Not Be Late to School

Use your cup to boost the alarm!

Step 27: Use This Video to Help You :)

This video contains...

1. How to open chips usefully

2. How to make waterproof shoes

3. How to keep your earphone untangled

Step 28: Image References

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<p>your awesome</p>
<p>it was very cool and interesting defiantly going to do it</p>
<p>My old boss used to say, &quot;If you want something done quickly and efficiently, ask a lazy person.&quot; Words to live by...</p>
<p>So you worked for Bill Gates?</p>
I do like the waterproof shoe!<br>You may want to add in coloured wax but be careful test 1st. I like the short cut CNTRL+ Me, This is handy to be reacquainted with these short cuts. Chips great idea. <br><br>Please keep tuned in for<br>My how to make smoke and fire!<br>Eat your heart out Les Strouds
<p>I use the h same technique for opening a packet of paper serviettes as that of the chip packet - stops the serviettes from falling all over the place or flying away on a windy day.</p>
<p>I liked the idea about protecting shoes in wet weather.</p>
<p>Loved the part about &quot;using hot heat&quot; :)</p>
<p>yes, that was amazing :)</p>
Thanks for explaining
<p>This would be more suitable for a party perhaps? Maybe not your day to day activities. Would save on washing a bowl and having to fight over getting your hand in a bag of chips. </p>
<p>Other than the fact that I've heard of all of these before, I don't see anything &quot;lazy&quot;. When I first learned these, I thought they were pretty clever... (I'm not critisizing)</p><p>I think people use the word &quot;lazy&quot; instead of &quot;efficient&quot; sometimes... :)</p>
Lardy. Lol...
<p>Hahahaha cool :)</p>
<p>This is so amazing! I love these hacks</p>
<p>Really cool ideas!! :)</p>
<p>Uhhh, just what I need!</p>
<p>This is so cool, i like it</p>

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