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Step 1:

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First of all assemble your materiel's.

Materials needed:

1 egg carton

1 light bulb + box

2 cardboard rolls

Hot glue and gun


Cardboard to strengthen handle

Step 2:

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Cut out the shape shown on the picture and trim off all rough edges.

Step 3:

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Flat pack the light bulb box and cut off the top and bottom flaps.

Next cut triangles around the base of the box to ensure a correct fit.

Step 4:

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Hold the box and egg carton together and fasten with hot glue.

Make sure the box is centered from the center of the egg carton.

Step 5:

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Glue the inside end of one cardboard roll and push the rolled up end of flat cardboard into the opening.

Next glue the outside of the rolled cardboard and slide into the second cardboard roll.

Glue the seam to ensure a stronger handle.

Step 6:

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Glue the end of the handle onto the base of your egg carton.

Leave until dry.

Step 7:

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You have now completed this wonderful invention and it is ready to change light bulbs.

Advantages of this light bulb changer are:

Better reach for high ceilings.

Protects you from burns if recently blown.

Saves time.


wold630 (author)2016-05-09

This is so smart! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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