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 Last summer I heard that cooking potatoes in a microwave potato bag has amazing results.  I had to try it.  I was very pleased with the experiment! I agree with the reviews about  the Microwave potato bag. If you are looking for a great gift for Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with this bag.  It is practical, cheap, useful, and unique. This would be a super gift for guys or gals who own a microwave. Follow through and I will show you how easy it is to make.

Step 1: Pre-cautions And Warnings

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert on making or using these bags.  You are at your own risk if you choose to make them. I strongly suggest you to go to the link that I provided for more detailed information. 

It is important to use 100% cotton batting.  (I recommend using The Warm Companies batting to be safe.) The bag will catch on fire unless you use 100% cotton!
To be safe use 100% cotton thread. I am not sure if polyester is OK.
Do not leave microwave unattended when in use.  
I would not use the bag if your microwave is very hot.
If your microwave has a turntable; the bag must rotate freely or it will burn.
If you don't have a turntable,  turn the bag over at half time (suggested cooking time)  to prevent scorching.
Wash and dry the bag before use.
Do not microwave the bag unless food is inside it.
Make sure the finished bag will clear at least 1 inch all the way around in the microwave.

Credit:  The Warm Company I could not get the link to work so Google The Warm Company. Their site offers a lot of reviews and information along with the free pattern.

Just a quick note, The Warm Company has changed the formulation on their cotton batting. Warm and White and Warm and Natural are no longer 100% cotton. They've added some polyester to keep it from shrinking as much. I made my potato bag before I discovered this. It turned out fine, with no melting, but I wonder what chemicals might be unleashed in a hot microwave. Loved the instructions though! Really easy to follow!
sunshiine (author)  debra.maslowski26 days ago

Sorry to reply to this so late, but thank you so much for sharing this information. Have a great day~


kcbroncofan4 months ago
Warm and Natural does have a batting with no scim it is called Warm and Plush. Or you can use Wrap N Zap which is made by Pellon. I have used both.
sunshiine (author)  kcbroncofan26 days ago

Thanks for sharing and do have a great day.


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cyndi.bachman9 months ago

I just made one for my sister. Instructions were so simple to follow. I would post a picture but the kittens turn out upside down. I'm giving it to her anyways. :)

Thanks for posting the instructions!

sunshiine (author)  cyndi.bachman8 months ago
Thanks so much for sharing! Have a terrific day!
SIRJAMES093 years ago
I have never ever heard of using a tater bag to cook taters....

this is a cool Instructable!!! TY for sharing Ma'am!! :)

I know that I do not have the ability, or experience, to make one of these, but still I think this is awesome!!!!!

I found a bag similar to this many years ago in a Dollar General store. It was made round, because it was to be used to warm and soften tortillas for tacos. It had a jalopeno pepper on top. I used it for potatoes, bread, rolls, tortillas, you name it. I was truly thrilled when a friend made me the potato bag. Now I have two so I can use them for different things.
I have a guest here from South Korea and threw 3 potatoes into the bag and nuked them for just three minutes. My guest was protesting to me that there was no way the potatoes were ready to serve. Then I popped them out onto a plate and she was shocked. Now I am making one for her to take home with her to shock all her friends. Just need the right fabric to remind her of this visit. Probably something with corn or pigs on it. ha ha This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. ha ha
sunshiine (author)  SIRJAMES093 years ago
Thanks for commenting Sirjames! Have a great night!
j1shalack3 years ago
I'm not very adept at sewing.
I wonder if a sheet of the material can just be used to wrap around the potato with equal results...?
sunshiine (author)  j1shalack3 years ago
I am not sure but I think you could. You could try making a square using 2 layers of fabric and one layer of batting in-between and just not sew it. I would cut the fabric large enough to bring each point to overlap in the center. Place the potato in the center and fold the points toward the center making sure they overlap
loosely. Please remember to use all cotton fabrics. If you try this it would be interesting to see how well it works. If by chance you do not do this, I will try it when I can and post a new Instructable about it. I have been a little busy lately but I will try as soon as I can. Maybe a week or two. Thanks for commenting and have a great evening!
Going to have to make one of these. People in my house like wrapping the potatoes in damp paper towel then put them in a plastic baggy. That way is hit or miss, and when it misses we end up with unevenly cooked potatoes - some that have indelible hard "clumps" in them. Thanks for sharing this!
sunshiine (author)  barefootbohemian3 years ago
You are welcome! I like the idea of this because I have read microwaving plastic is not a good thing, something about releasing chemicals. Not sure how true that is but it makes sense. Have a super day!
bajablue3 years ago
Gotcha. ;-)
sunshiine (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks! Hope you had a nice day!
canucksgirl3 years ago
What a great idea. Thanks for sharing this sunshiine!
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Thank you for commenting! Have a beautiful day!
pecospearl3 years ago
I really like this idea. Did it taste like mom's?
sunshiine (author)  pecospearl3 years ago
Not as good but when you consider the time to bake them in the oven, summer heat, and time they are pretty good. Have a Happy day!
bajablue3 years ago
What a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing!!
sunshiine (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks for commenting!