Picture of Amazing Pop-up Tardis!!!

Hey everybody!! This is my first Instructable. I'm going to show you how I make an Amazing Pop-up Tardis from the popular sci-fi show, Dr Who.

I have drawn up all the templates and parts for you (it took quite a while to get right). Just assemble it!

It looks awesome and is a great gift for Dr Who fans. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Materials -
- 1x A4 blue CARD (desired tardis colour)
- 2x A4 white PAPER (for printed finishes and interior card base)
- 1x A4 CARD (any colour for mounting the Tardis)

- access to a computer and printer
- needle + thread
- tape
- glue
- X-acto knife + cutting mat
- scissors
- ruler

That is so awesome!
djonas12 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
ChrysN2 years ago
I love it!
Kiteman2 years ago


LauraMelnik made it!1 year ago

I thought this would take a few minutes, but as usual I was wrong. It was fun to build.

Thanks for the plans.

Tokyronto made it!1 year ago

Awesome! I scaled mine up a bit :) Thanks for the great instructable

gussemke1 year ago
i love this very much!! What kind of thickness of A4 Paper do you use? i prefer in mm ;) Thanks in advance
texie-girl1 year ago
Fantastic job! I salute your talent, but even more than that, your patience.... :D
Tranj0352 years ago
Thank you so much for this!! Brilliant brilliant brilliant
wkou2 years ago
Thank you so much for this ... big Who fan. I seem to be having problems with the pop-up_tardis_finishes_a4 file. One of the signs does not display correctly for me (the free public one). Any advise appreciated.

Lots of Cheer - wotw
djonas12 (author)  wkou2 years ago
Thanks wkou! yeah I just checked out the pdf and....yeah it does seem that way on the pdf viewer. I remember the image I used for that sign is quite high resolution. I zoomed in and everything is there. I think it may just be a pdf viewer problem. It should be fine when printing.
wkou djonas122 years ago
Thank you for looking into this for me. Appreciated. Well off to build :)

Lots of Cheer - wotw
DrakerDG2 years ago
Amazing work!
crazyjack242 years ago
this is so wonderful! :) what kind of weight would you suggest for the blue card? The one I had at home seems to be to thick, the printer won't take it.
X86-11382 years ago
Love it =)
djonas12 (author)  cdawisconsin2 years ago
barbara32ca2 years ago
This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for such a wonderful instructable!! :-)
djonas12 (author)  barbara32ca2 years ago
My pleasure