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Hey everybody!! I'm going to show you how I make an Amazing Pop-up Tardis from the popular sci-fi show, Dr Who. This was a fun build and my first Instructable.

I have drawn up all the templates and parts for you in powerpoint lol (it took quite a while to get right). Just download the PDF's and assemble it!

It looks awesome and is a great gift for Dr Who fans. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Materials -
- 1x A4 blue CARD (desired tardis colour)
- 2x A4 white PAPER (for printed finishes and interior card base)
- 1x A4 CARD (any colour for mounting the Tardis)

- access to a computer and printer
- needle + thread
- tape
- glue
- X-acto knife + cutting mat
- scissors
- ruler


Step 2: Aquire Templates

Picture of Aquire Templates

Download and print the three pdf's - Make sure you select 'fit' in the printing options. If not, they will be warped and not to scale.

- Pop-up_Tardis_a4.pdf
Print on blue card

- Pop-up_Tardis_Finishes_a4.pdf
Print on white paper

- Pop-up_Tardis_Base_a4.pdf
Print on white paper

* the second piece of blue card is what i just used for mounting at the end

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut

Cut out all of the parts in each template. This step is quite time consuming and tedious. Be precise, careful and patient. Some parts are very delicate. I would recommend an x-acto knife.

-On a side note - try not to bend/ crease any of the card pieces.

Step 4: Glue Finishes on - Part 1

Picture of Glue Finishes on - Part 1

Simply glue the main paper features

Step 5: Glue Finishes on - Part 2

Picture of Glue Finishes on - Part 2

Glue the 'Police Box' sign onto the card. Make sure the end cuts are not covered (the middle cut should be only cut covered).

When finished, turn the part over and cut out the covering paper part with your x-acto knife.

Step 6: Glue Finishes - Part 3

Picture of Glue Finishes - Part 3

Glue the paper onto both sides of each light part. Remove the paper covering the middle slit similar to the previous step.

Step 7: Create Holes

Picture of Create Holes

Two of the Tardis sides have little cross-hairs in the bottom right-hand corner. Using a compass (or like tool) make a small hole in the middle of each cross-hair.

- This is for the thread in the later steps.

Step 8: Assemble - Part 1

Picture of Assemble - Part 1

Pretty self-explanatory.....

Step 9: Assemble - Part 2

Picture of Assemble - Part 2

Continue the assembly by slotting the 'Police Box' signs into the main base.

Step 10: Assemble - Part 3

Picture of Assemble - Part 3

Probably the hardest assembly step. It gets a bit fiddly and delicate. Just slot the pieces together until they are all interlocked.

Step 11: Assemble - Part 4

Picture of Assemble - Part 4

You should now have two main pieces assembled. Merge them together as shown above.

Step 12: Assemble - Part 5

Picture of Assemble - Part 5

Grab the four thin strips (three notches in each) and slot them around the Tardis base (it helps if you turn it up side down).

Take the two thin strips (with five notches in each) and interlock them with each other. Place this cross-hair into the base slots.

At this point all Tardis components are slotted, but not fastened. To fasten it, glue the top cross-hair to the strip ends of the middle light component. This will prevent it from falling apart.

-Sorry if that was a bit confusing but hopefully you should be able to work it out from the pictures.

Step 13: Finished Tardis Body

Picture of Finished Tardis Body

You have successfully assembled the main collapsible body. Now mount it on the paper and card.

Step 14: Cut Out the Remaining Template

Picture of Cut Out the Remaining Template

Cut out and make crease.

Step 15: Create Holes for Mounting

Picture of Create Holes for Mounting

At the two small crosses on this template, make two holes at either end with a compass.
(four holes on total)

Step 16: Mounting - Part 1

Picture of Mounting - Part 1

Thread the needle through one of holes and fasten it with cellotape. Flip the page over so the blank side is facing up with the needle coming out of it. Thread the needle through the Tardis corner cross-hairs we made earlier, and back down through the second hole. Do not fasten this side yet as it requires a bit of moving and re-jigging when you do the other side.

Continue with the other side using the same method.

At this point you will have two loosely held points to the Tardis.

Step 17: Mounting - Part 2

Picture of Mounting - Part 2

Now close the paper in half so the Tardis is concealed inside. Remove the excess thread slack and tape the other end down (It shouldn't be too tight though). Do the same with the other side - note: you may have to adjust it many times to get it right.

The Tardis should now be well fastened. Now find some blue card so the paper can be supported.

Step 18: Mounting - Part 3

Picture of Mounting - Part 3

To easily open and close your Tardis, mount on the blue card. I just used a scrap piece lying around. Once you have decided on the card and size, fold it in half and get ready to glue the paper portion on.

BEFORE YOU GLUE IT DOWN!!, cut the thin paper sliver at the crease of the paper. If you don't, the card won't mount properly and won't look as good finished. Glue it in the same position as if that part had not been removed.

Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 19: Step 19: Finished!!!

Picture of Step 19: Finished!!!

DONE! You have successfully completed the Amazing Pop-up Tardis Card!!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-04-01

That is so awesome!

It really is


ChrysN (author)2013-04-01

I love it!

Kiteman (author)2013-04-01


jpalumbo24 (author)2018-01-10


X86-1138 (author)2013-04-05


jpalumbo24 (author)X86-11382018-01-10

Bow ties are cool

wkou (author)2013-06-30

Thank you so much for this ... big Who fan. I seem to be having problems with the pop-up_tardis_finishes_a4 file. One of the signs does not display correctly for me (the free public one). Any advise appreciated.

Lots of Cheer - wotw

djonas12 (author)wkou2013-07-03

Thanks wkou! yeah I just checked out the pdf and....yeah it does seem that way on the pdf viewer. I remember the image I used for that sign is quite high resolution. I zoomed in and everything is there. I think it may just be a pdf viewer problem. It should be fine when printing.

jpalumbo24 (author)djonas122018-01-10


wkou (author)djonas122013-07-03

Thank you for looking into this for me. Appreciated. Well off to build :)

Lots of Cheer - wotw

Foxyheidi made it! (author)2017-06-05

I made this for Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor. I gave it to him at Niagara Falls Comic-Con. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek! Thanks for the tutorial! I made an envelope of card stock for it. Modifications I made were: I printed out a watercolor design on the paper front side with pattern outlines. I also printed on the back a generic watercolor dot pattern. I put packing tape on the front to reinforce it. I printed 2 copies of the inside part and also the light was printed. I printed the windows, police box signs etc on the pieces instead of gluing them on. I also edited some of the panels to bevel them.

DrakerDG (author)2013-06-22

Amazing work!

djonas12 (author)DrakerDG2016-05-24


Tranj035 (author)2013-08-08

Thank you so much for this!! Brilliant brilliant brilliant

djonas12 (author)Tranj0352016-05-24

Haha settle - no worries :)

texie-girl (author)2013-10-08

Fantastic job! I salute your talent, but even more than that, your patience.... :D

djonas12 (author)texie-girl2016-05-24

Thanks :)

LauraMelnik made it! (author)2014-07-27

I thought this would take a few minutes, but as usual I was wrong. It was fun to build.

Thanks for the plans.

djonas12 (author)LauraMelnik2016-05-24

Glad you enjoyed it :)

LordShadow (author)2015-10-06

I know this is a bit older and I doubt I'll get a reply in time, but does it HAVE to be A4 paper/card or would letter size work with the templates?

djonas12 (author)LordShadow2016-05-24

We don't really use the letter size in Australia but I think it should be okay if you select the 'fit' option in the printers setting. Might be just a little bit bigger but all the proportions will stay the same.

BlueSage1325 made it! (author)2015-10-18

This was such a fun project! I had never made a pop up card before, and these instructions and templates made it very easy to do! My little sister is a huge Dr. Who fan, so I'm planning on sending this card to her as a little surprise. Thanks for the great tutorial!!! :)

djonas12 (author)BlueSage13252016-05-24

No worries mate :) hope she enjoys it

fierce_robotic_unicorns (author)2015-03-29


Tokyronto made it! (author)2014-02-09

Awesome! I scaled mine up a bit :) Thanks for the great instructable

gussemke (author)2014-01-30

i love this very much!! What kind of thickness of A4 Paper do you use? i prefer in mm ;) Thanks in advance

crazyjack24 (author)2013-05-04

this is so wonderful! :) what kind of weight would you suggest for the blue card? The one I had at home seems to be to thick, the printer won't take it.

cdawisconsin (author)2013-04-04

Love it =)

djonas12 (author)cdawisconsin2013-04-04


barbara32ca (author)2013-04-03

This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for such a wonderful instructable!! :-)

djonas12 (author)barbara32ca2013-04-03

My pleasure

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