How to make pulled pork in a crock pot for an easy and delicious meal.

Note: Basic cooking skills recommended. 

What you will need
-  crock pot (5qt to 7qt)
-  Small sauce pan
-  Small mixing bowl
-  9 x 13 baking pan
- 3 to 5 pounds pork roast (shoulder, butt, or loin)
Dry Rub
-  6 tbs brown sugar
-  2 tsp garlic powder
-  2 tsp onion powder
-  1 ½ tsp paprika
-  1 ½ tsp Cajun seasoning
-  1 tsp ground ginger
-  1/4 tsp salt
-  1/8 pepper
-  Honey
-  6 oz Chicken broth
-  1/8 cup Apple cider vinegar
-  2 tbs Worcestershire sauce

Step 1: Make the Dry Rub

Add paprika, Cajun seasoning, ginger, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper into bowl and mix together.
Delicious! Goes well with a side of mashed potato ;)
Yum! Love this stuff :)
<p>Washes off the dirt after it slips out of your hands and land's on the floor on account of all that pork fat!</p>
<p>I switched to a pressure cocker. Put in 3-4 bottles of cheap BBQ sauce, a kg of shoulder with the fat on the bottom (does get black) or you can put it on a steamer-insert so it does not get black. Get it just over 100&deg; so that the BBQ sauce does not burn.<br>Just the same but it reduces the cooking time to ~1h and saves a lot of energy.<br><br>I also do ribs in the pressure cocker. Put them in the oven under the grill with some sauce to get some colour. Only downside - you never get them out of the pot with the bones...they come apart when you just look at them :)))</p>
<p>... little (big) problem: </p><p>&quot;Place in oven at 250 degrees for 30 Minutes&quot;... C or F?</p>
Actually made this today. This was just absolutely AMAZING. But I have a curious question. Why was the meat rinsed under cold water? What does this do?

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