Amazing and Small Wilderness Survival Kit





Introduction: Amazing and Small Wilderness Survival Kit

in this instructable i will show you how i made my smalll wilderness survival kit. this is what i made from items i had at home and i found to be a good item if not crucial to survival. this kit has accually helped me out multiple times like when i needed a magnet to make a compass or when i needed my space blanket. ive noticed through my time in making survival kits that many people make one and save it for an extreme survival situation.  so what i do is just use it for what ever i need.  i like to have it with me in my car or in my backpack for whatever i need
P.S. i am not a survival expert, so be nice.

Step 1: Gather Materials

It is important that you gather any and all materials that you think you will need. you do not need to copy my list and be sure to change your kit to your climate and degree of use this kit is expected to see.

i have all this in an airsoft 5000 round bb container

but i have:

about 30ft. of 550 paracord
about 30ft. of "unbreakable" string (accually very strong)
about 40ft of duct tape, wrapped around a old pen tube
8ft. of aluminium foil tape
hobo knife tool (eating utensils)
small partailly serated knife
11 in-1 survival tool
p-38 can opener
5-led flashlight
emergency space blanket
emergency poncho
magnet (for magnetizing pins and making a compass)
safety pins
about 200ft. of 12lb. test fishing line (wrapped around brim of container, right below screw on lid 
and the fishing kit made in the last instructable

no pictures for this step because i uploaded all of them for step one so you can see then easier

Step 2: Packing It All In

now try to pack in all the items. once you have succeeded all i have to say is congratulations on your newly built inexpensive amazing survival kit.



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    Nice instructable. I very much agree that the best policy is to use your survival items whenever they are handy. That way, you get accustomed to having it around, and you're more likely to carry it. It is important to replenish any items you use up, though, or they won't be there when you really need them.

    Couple of possible changes I'd suggest. For the size & weight of the hobo tool and the little knife, you could instead take a better knife with a locking blade and a SAW BLADE, which is very helpful in preparing the frame pieces for a survival shelter. There are a couple of Schrade "Old Timers" and a couple of Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox that have locking blades in the 3-4" range, plus a good saw blade.

    Also, a button compass is very cheap, and while magnetized needles can be used, it can be time consuming to use it in a compass (dangling the needle from a thread can work, but you really need a float for it to be reliable, and that can take time to prepare). But more importantly, while a magnetized needle will reliably point North, WHICH END is North??? No reason at all that it must be the pointy end. I guess if you try out your magnet a few times and label ITS North Pole, that would work, but I just carry a button compass.

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    i agree, this kit is lacking. i actually made it a few years ago, i was like 12 when i did. since then ive disassembled that kit and built many others. also, i have read up a lot on survival and done some classes. my next ible, wheneverit comes out will be better.
    thanks for the comment
    your suggested changes are all very good ideas.