Amazing Toy





Introduction: Amazing Toy

Step 1: Prepare

4 glass ball and glue

Step 2: Glue Up Together

like this:

Step 3: And Glue Like This


Step 4: How This Works ?

must see video :)

Good Luck and enjoy



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    You are brilliant! Your invention looks like so much fun!

    where is the video?

     It looked stupid at first but i realized its awesome

    cool,original and simple!

    thi is really cool. i made one and it wokred great! good instructable

    haha when i made these i had to hold them together to let the glue dry for five minutes...i had dents in my fingers. nice instructable though

    this is Jamie ,the champ

    i did this as a craft for an after school program and day camp program... kids loved it. easy toy for them

    great instructable, short, simple, get's straight to the point. I've made several of these and even sold some of them to friends/family. :)

    cool!!! what if not using equal size balls?

    Oh, I have to make this. Absolutely fun. Thanks.

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    I was looking at it wondering "what's so interesting about a bunch of marbles?" but that was so cool... If only I could find my brothers' old marbles...