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Step 1: Prepare

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4 glass ball and glue
do you know how it does that
mpintovsj2 years ago
genial, :)
kalaquin2 years ago
Amazing :)
You are brilliant! Your invention looks like so much fun!
dankoro2 years ago
where is the video?
rockgod575 years ago
 It looked stupid at first but i realized its awesome
erykdesign5 years ago
woooow simply amazing
cutekitten6 years ago
what kind of glue...any kind?
epoxy works best
dhoncave6 years ago
cool,original and simple!
shabagana6 years ago
thi is really cool. i made one and it wokred great! good instructable
haha when i made these i had to hold them together to let the glue dry for five minutes...i had dents in my fingers. nice instructable though
j0nathan6 years ago
j0nathan6 years ago
this is Jamie ,the champ
fraggle6 years ago
i did this as a craft for an after school program and day camp program... kids loved it. easy toy for them
BEAST146 years ago
great instructable, short, simple, get's straight to the point. I've made several of these and even sold some of them to friends/family. :)
agis686 years ago
cool!!! what if not using equal size balls?
kaatryn7 years ago
Oh, I have to make this. Absolutely fun. Thanks.
from where i can see video
sphinxy7 years ago
I was looking at it wondering "what's so interesting about a bunch of marbles?" but that was so cool... If only I could find my brothers' old marbles...
the video is on the intro page
Hmm...I bet if you made a whole bunch of these, you could have a lot of fun building towers of these blocks. It'd be tricky due to the shape, but there's the challenge. Of course, even as a top this is pretty awesome! Perfect for my desk at work...as if I didn't have enough toys already. Still, I think I will find some brass balls and make this with those, so when I'm not using them I can stack them by my Captain Barbosa action figure, and they'll look like treasure.

Bottom Line:

5 bucks + 5 minutes = fun for kids of all ages!

Great Instructable!
they guy who holds the patent on these thought the same thing (his are made from clear plastic spheres and he has 4 and 5 sphere versions) saw him o this show talking about this store in NYC that sells all sorts of difrent plastic shapes g4 had a show about inventor and how they cam up w there ideas way back when even had the inventor of heelies on it b4 they took off
Sounds cool!
Cwoodkiter7 years ago
This toy looks cool, and I'll bet my kids will enjoy it but what happened to the video?
kmelon7 years ago
where is the video?
poiu123407 years ago
This is so easy and cool great idea
Clayton H.7 years ago
I know Duncan makes these out of plastic, they ar called Tetra Tops.
if i brought this to skool sumone would probably steal it
santy227 years ago
makin' it!
so what does it do?? it aint that helpful right?? hehehe! i made a thing like that at home dude! its very entertaining!!!! thankss!!
pyro137 years ago
sugg227 years ago
i've got something similar, but it doesn't do the flippy thing
austin7 years ago
if you use an air compressor blow gun or just blow on it with a straw while its spinning you can accelerate it pretty fast.
Wolf Seril7 years ago
When I looked at the picture I thought to myself "Wow. How amazing." But that actually is pretty cool for being so simple.
for what it is, just 4 marbles and a drop of glue, this is pretty neat, good instructable, doesn't need quite so many steps, but who gives a damn
cry_wolf7 years ago
Haha, i have those exact same marbles that i bought from the dollar store. Looks like fun and is extremely simple. Using a glue that involves mixing compounds for a reaction works best s it is insanely powerful.