Introduction: Amazing Transformation!

Look how yoghurt cup takes its primal shape


mixmaster173 (author)2010-01-28

it says vid removed?

Pumpkin$ (author)2008-04-07

lol artificial tortillas

Tobita (author)Pumpkin$2008-08-27

food of the future xD kinda like soylent

daninja (author)Tobita2009-07-08


Tobita (author)daninja2009-07-08

*GASP* You spoiled it! tsk tsk tsk

daninja (author)Tobita2009-07-10

Ya. I saw that movie too.

swimmer95 (author)2009-05-20

would it work in microwave because my oven is broken

jakebaldwin (author)2008-11-26

artificial tortilas? hilarious! this is really awesome, but im not gonna melt a piece of plastic in the oven. open fire is more fun. (kidding)

paxilman7 (author)2008-09-03

that is really sweet. I wonder if I placed it in a mold would it form to the mold?

etsay2 (author)2008-07-18

cups like these actually start out as sheets of plastic and are formed by heat pressing them into a mold. i never thought that it would go the other way too. you could probably use the same type of process to make any type of small plastic container you want. awesome video.

Flumpkins (author)2008-05-16

omg!!! I just went to Wendy's today and i have a platic wendy's soda cup in front of me. So i got bored and searched "Plastic Cup' and this came up. Awesome!! Bravo!!! How did you find this ot anyway?

simharry (author)2008-04-20


bhunter736 (author)2008-01-06

Does anyone remember shrinky dinks? You could use some sandpaper to clean the labeling off, then color something artistic on the sides with permanent markers, then do this and see your work in miniature. I may have to try this.

gert1000 (author)bhunter7362008-01-06

thanks for watching and advice. Cool that u find this interesting for u:)

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-02

Haha, awesome! I have to admit, that's really smart. You can use these for small frisbees, beer coasters, evil UFO's with aliens made out of grapes that will take over the world, a lot of things. Nice job.

gert1000 (author)GorillazMiko2008-01-02

Thanks again:)

dentsinger (author)2008-01-02

Not sure what I would use them for, but it makes me wanna start doing this. I don't think all the chemicals being released into the oven would make for very healthy cooking thereafter.

gert1000 (author)dentsinger2008-01-02

glad u liked and thanks for watching. Maybe its a good beercoaster or u can fly that For oven its ok, there is no smoke and smell, it doesn't melts, just deformation

killerjackalope (author)gert10002008-01-02

They're thermoplastics so it probably has to do with shape memory which is something quite complicated, Best to go with cooking at a low temp like 150 ecause some of them can be quite sneaky they're fine one second then the next they're belching smoke and fumes into your kitchen, same goes for crisp packets lol (bad experience.)

Shifrin (author)gert10002008-01-02

Again, This is So KEWL! mabey you can paint it or something, and like you said use it as a coaster...

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