Introduction: Amazing Armor Made Out of Flattened Pencil Tips

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Amazing armor made out of pencil eraser holders


PvtD (author)2017-09-11

noicee i can use this to make an armor for a doll or something.

thanks for posting this.

Hanson alister (author)2016-05-10

wow that is asome

danielar (author)2015-04-13


stkirk (author)2013-08-18

this gives me ideas for bigger linked armour

curvy77 (author)2012-09-19

Oooooo, lol! i thought u made this out of the lead in the pencils. that would have been awsome!! (though impossible)

ravenking (author)2012-07-01



Bongmaster (author)2012-06-26

those arnt tips, the sharp point is the tip ;)

sorry my mistake

The SuperNatural (author)2012-06-26

please vote on the pocket sized contest thank you

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