Introduction: Amazing Recycled Water Bottle Sprinkler.

Picture of Amazing Recycled Water Bottle Sprinkler.

You will need: A water bottle

A marker

Parcel tape

A hosepipe

Step 1: Draw Holes on the Bottle

Around the lower edge of the bottle, draw dots in any order.

Step 2: Pierce Holes

pierce holes on the dots using a needle/a pin

Step 3: Almost Done...

Now stick the bottle onto the end of the hosepipe and then you are done. Just turn the hosepipe on and enjoy!


bennelson made it! (author)2014-04-21

The threads on a garden hose and plastic soda or water bottle are close, but not quite the same. You can use a hair-dryer or heat gun to briefly apply heat to the threads on the water bottle to soften the plastic. Then, screw the bottle into the garden hose and the plastic will form to the correct threads. No other sealing/waterproofing/duct tape is required.

This is a great way to recycle stuff, but I would love to see pictures of each step!

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